Story: Roberto Recchioni, Micol Beltramini

Pencils: Werther Dell ‘Edera, Daniele Serra

Colors: Giovanna Niro

Lettering: Giovanni Marinovich

Cover: Werther Dell ‘Edera

Publisher: IDW Publishing




The Crow: Memento Mori #4 is a dirty but beautiful looking book, I was really impressed.


I’ve been a fan of The Crow since childhood, watching the 1994 movie starring Brandon Lee more times than I can count. The Crow motion picture soundtrack is really good too so check it out if you can. The Crow movie is great and it still holds up, one thing that really struck a chord with me about the movie was the emotion it was able to pack into such a dark and nasty story. That emotion was a good reflection on the source material, I only recently bought The Crow graphic novel by James O’Barr and was so impressed with how much Eric loved his bride to be Shelly, it is a true love story. I found myself really getting hit in the feels for the love between the couple and how much the revenge meant to Eric. After the horrendous murder of Shelly, it was drawn out and painful to read but that’s what made the story so good.


Now only having read #4 in this Memento Mori series I can tell this is going to be a great story, a story with heart and pain. The art style is great, it has beautiful colors and a gloomy atmosphere, and the writing is exactly what I wanted in a series like this. This is a comic book that I’ll be looking for when it comes in trade form for sure, I was hesitant to branch from the original James O’Barr story but I’m really happy I did and reviewed this book. I mean this in the best way possible, Memento Mori is visual pain and hard emotion much like the original The Crow story, so for this, it’s getting a high score.

Overall: 9/10