The Call of the Wild Review

Starring: Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Bradley Whitford, Jean Louisa Kelly, Terry Notary

Director: Chris Sanders

Release date: 19th February 2020


Buck the dog lives a charmed life, as the pet of the town Judge and his family. He is large, clumsy and cumbersome and does pretty much whatever he likes. Unfortunately for him a local man sees a cash making scheme and coaxes Buck into the back of a truck. It’s not long before Buck is travelling on a long journey… train.. boat.. and ultimately he arrives in The Yukon where he experiences snow for the very first time. Sold to the local postmaster, he is quickly put to work as part of a sled team, delivering the mail across Alaska. He has absolutely no idea what is going on and struggles becoming part of this new ‘pack’. They are a mishmash of various dogs; some old some young and their leader is Spitz, a husky who rules with an iron paw. Their job is to deliver the mail to various outposts, and Buck must learn a whole new way of life if he is to fit in. While on his journey, Buck begins seeing a black wolf with shining eyes.. He’s unsure of what the vision means but knows he must adapt if he is to stay alive…


The Call of the Wild’ is a famous novel written by the author, Jack London. It was published in 1903 and tells the story of a dog stolen from a well to do family in California and who is then sold and taken to the Yukon in Canada to work as a sled dog. The story is set in the 1890s and happens at the height of the Gold Rush. The novel was a huge success for Jack London and has been made into countless feature films over the years.

Such a well known story as this was always eventually going to become a big Hollywood feature film. With technology moving on as much as it has, it has gotten to a point where a film about a dog doesn’t even have any ‘real’ dogs in it. It might take you a few moments to realise it but Buck is actually a CGI creation. In many ways this really adds to the ‘Buck’ you see on screen.. his face and features are full of emotion.


The beauty of ‘The Call of the Wild’ is that it’s a universal story that appeals to a load of different demographics and age ranges. Dads can take their kids to watch it and they’ll probably enjoy it too.

This movie has a lot of heart and at its core it’s about a dog with a strong will to survive. He must now re-evaluate the world he thought he knew and learn a new way of living.

Make sure you take your tissues with you and be prepared to shed some tears over a CGI dog named ‘Buck’.

Overall: 9.5/10


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