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The co-creators of Jenny Zero and Mind Palace ask you to be their guest at the 25th anniversary of the Fableville theme park… and the murder of its founder, Felix Fable!

When media mogul, Felix Fable, mysteriously falls to his death in his own theme park. His most trusted employees place his consciousness into The Automaton, an experimental robot with only 36 hours of battery life. Can Felix uncover the dark truth behind his demise before he fades away forever? Find out in the 100-page hardcover graphic novel, available now on Kickstarter!

theautomaton1Featuring a diverse cast, a giant robot and a mystery set against a colorful backdrop, The Automaton owes its inspiration to another theme park near and dear to its creator. 


Writer Dave Dwonch explains:

“As a huge fan of Disneyland and odd conspiracy theories, I was always intrigued by the urban legend that the Disney Corporation cryogenically froze Walt Disney’s body to essentially save his brain. Like we did with Mind Palace we explored the idea to the nth degree, crafting a story that hopefully speaks to readers of all ages, and not just Disney nerds like myself.”

While The Automaton serves as a love letter wrapped in a murder mystery, Dwonch, artist Santi Guillen and colorist Arnaldo Robles promise a fully immersive, unique experience.


Dwonch adds, “We truly put our hearts and souls into The Automaton, and I think it shows. Every reward, every stretch goal item, every element of the work itself is a labor of love, and something we want to share with you so that you can share it with others. For us, that’s what comics are about. It’s a communal experience, and one we hope brings a lot of people joy.”

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