Terminal Campaign for Kickstarter Now live

The NEW Kickstarter from Imminent Press Begins

October 2018 – Fresh off of successfully funding the OGN Atlantis Wasn’t Built for Tourists, Imminent Press brings you the next two installments of the two-fisted pulp anthology Terminal. That’s right, TWO COMICS, ONE KICKSTARTER.

Here’s what creators from across the industry have to say about the anthology:

In a world of determinedly amateurish and solipsistic nonsense, or as we know it, most independent comics, TERMINAL has a doggedly polished and professional quality, while never losing touch with its inherent value as an alternative to modern mainstream comics.” – Howard Chaykin, The Divided States of Hysteria

Raw, energetic, and full of surprises, TERMINAL is absolutely worth your time.” – Mark Waid, Dr.Strange

TERMINAL is rough, mean, and pure pulp. Impressively, it manages to work its way through all different kinds of pulp. It’s the comic I didn’t realize I needed in my life.” – Justin Jordan, Death of Love


Now, issues #3 and #4 of Terminal come to Kickstarter with an incredible array of talent that includes writers Justin Gray (Jonah Hex), Eric Palicki (No Angel), Vito Delsante (Stray), Matt Brady (The Con Job), and a murderer’s row of artists, colorists, and letterers.

Terminal #3 features:

Stephanie Chan [Colorist]
Steve Ekstrom [Editor & Letterer]
Justin Gray [Writer – FAUSTO COLON]
Dan Lauer [Artist – FAUSTO COLON]
Eric Palicki [Writer – OUBLIETTE]
Bob Rivard [Cover Artist]
Ande Rummel [Artist – OUBLIETTE]


Terminal #4 features:

Matt Brady [Writer – GEMINI XIV]
António Brandão [Artist – STEELTOWN]
Nikola Čižmešija – [Artist – GEMINI XIV]
Vito Delsante – [Writer – STEELTOWN]
Steve Ekstrom – [Editor & Letterer]
Bob Rivard – [Cover Artist]
Kirsty Swan – [Colorist]

Plus, VARIANT Guest Artists:
Josh Adams (T3 Variant)
Rafa Garres (rear art #3)
Jeff Johnson (T3 Variant)
Vasilis Lolos (T4 Variant)
Richard Pace (T4 Variant)
John Rauch (rear art #4)


When the Kickstarter goes live on Tuesday, October 2nd, will redirect to the site. Backers will have access to an array of excellent rewards, including variants. Retailers will have the opportunity to back two distinct packages, one of which includes an in-store appearance from a member of the Imminent Press and Terminal anthology series stable. And if you happened to miss out on Terminal #1 and #2 the first time around, don’t sweat it. A limited number of backer packages will be available so you can score ALL FOUR issues for one reasonable price including shipping.

Check it out here:

About Imminent Press: Founded in 2016, Imminent Press is a collective of on-the-cusp independent comic book creators from all over the world with one unanimous goal: We aim to entertain you with our eclectic array of stories. We believe that comics are for everyone everywhere and we aim to bring new talent into the industry both in print and digitally.

We are here to ‘Make Comics Dangerous Again’.

Expect us.


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