Tennis On-Court – Release Date Trailer

It’s not only a video game, it’s real tennis thanks to the experience of Decathlon & Artengo engineers, working every day on the design of tennis equipment : rackets, balls, accessories, … used by top players on the ATP & WTA tours.

Lift, slice, dropshot, retro, perform all those effects and feel like a real tennis player..

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– Gameplay : Arcade or Realistic, choose your side!
– 3 different types of moving: Teleport, Automatic, Manual
– Fully customizable 3D male & female avatars
– 13 rackets with different characteristics to match with your style.
– 6 incredible stadiums with different evolutive surfaces : clay, grass, hard…
– 5 assists to help you to perform: service hit assist, position assist, ball trajectory correction, …
– Spectator mode to watch your friends or future opponents performing in live.


– Play with your ball before serving
– 1 handed or 2 handed backhand ? That works!
– Umpire and linesmen are present on the court to follow your matchs
– Playing in a crowded out stadium is perfect for immersion!
– AI is almost human thanks to all motion-captured animations in match.

~Game modes~

– Play against AI in 1vs1 with 4 difficulty levels
– Bonus : choose if your opponent is left or right-handed
– Play with your friend in singles (1vs1) or doubles (2vs2) online match
– Find perfect opponents thanks to matchmaking feature
– Prove your are the best thanks to the online championship
– Improve your skills with 5 training modes.

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