Tell Me Your Story Review

Developer: RedDeer.Games

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), Switch

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Publisher: RedDeer.Games


Tell Me Your Story is a colourful adventure puzzle game. This game was developed and published by RedDeer.Games. A game that is similar to Tell Me Your Story would be Venba or A Little to the Left. This review was done for the PC, but the game is also available for the Switch.  

Tell Me Your Story is a single-player game where you play as a girl named Amelia, who uncovers extraordinary stories with her grandmother, Rose. Amelia’s grandmother moves to a new house, and Amelia helps her unpack. Upon unpacking, she finds out that her grandmother, Rose, was quite the traveller in her youth. They relive these memories on an adventure that leads to the Amazon, China, and Paris. Through these adventures, the game has little puzzles that help Amelia make her way through her grandmother’s expeditions. 


The controls to this game are very simple. Everything is done with the mouse, so there is no visible lag or delay. It mainly consists of dragging, clicking and uncovering items. I like that the controls are kept to a minimum for this game because it adds to the cosy and calming feel of the game. As the game is also available for the Switch, I feel this is the perfect game for the Switch as you can truly cosy into your bed and play with absolute comfort. It may be a different difficulty to manoeuvre on the Switch, but the gaming experience may just be more relaxing than on the PC. 


The art style is composed of a very minimalist, effortless paperesque design. It almost feels like something out of a colouring book. It has a hand-drawn storybook visual style, which compliments the charm the game brings. I enjoyed that there was no real dialogue and that everything was shown through pure visuals, which really highlights the beauty of the game. Because of the absence of dialogue, it also makes it accessible to players of any language. The colours in the game are vibrant and smooth. The subtle colours create a calming, inviting environment. Personally, I find the game to look very cute and elegant, with nice little details on all the objects you interact with. The art style of this game has its very own charm to it. The background music consisted of subtle chimes and instruments with the inclusion of sound effects that added to the overall atmosphere of the game, making it a lovely experience.


Tell Me Your Story is a short game it took me about 2 hours to complete, but the length does not take away from the charm and wholesome feeling you get when completing the game. This feeling of completion you get whilst playing the game is due to the appreciation of visuals, sounds and the heart-warming interaction between the grandmother and granddaughter. What I like about this game is that the puzzles are not too difficult to solve, as they mainly consist of the players having to interact with the environment. There is a hint system where, after requesting three hints, you have to solve a mini-puzzle to earn more hints, which is a cute addition from the developers. There is also a good variety of puzzles, which goes hand in hand with the theme of the adventure that Amelia keeps the game interesting.


As someone who enjoys puzzle games, I truly loved the beauty and simplicity of Tell Me Your Story. Most other puzzle games get to the point where your head starts hurting if the puzzle does not stand out to you right away, but this game is filled with much delight. 


If you want a game that you can sit back and enjoy as you solve a number of puzzles which lead you through the adventures of a lovely grandmother and granddaughter, then look no further. The game has beautiful visuals with bright colours that are definitely worth your time. So, be sure to check out Tell Me Your Story. 

Overall: 8/10

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