Tekken Volume 1 Review

Written By: Cavan Scott

Artist: Andie Tong

Colorist: Mauricio Wallace

Lettering: Jimmy Betancourt

Publisher: Titan Books

The forty-year war within the Mishima Clan continues, as father goes against son, and grandfather goes against grandson in a war that affects the entire world. With the youngest Mishima, Jin, currently missing, ownership of the family company has gone back to his grandfather, Heihachi. No love is lost in this family; in fact it is so full of hatred, all the members are out to kill one another. Some of the most memorable Tekken fighters come together in battle, and this intertwines with the Mishima family problems. Will this epic battle bring about the destruction of the Earth, or can we be saved at the last minute?

Tekken is amongst the top-rated fighting video games in existence. Known for its complex character backstories, this storytelling legacy is now being continued in comic form. Blood Feud focuses on the continuing family problems within the Mishima household. This is a family whose bloodline has been cursed with the Devil Gene, a condition both Jin and his father Kazuya fight everyday. Jin, however, refuses to fall to the darkside, like his father before him. Each faction of the family also has their own following, which to avoid spoilers I won’t discuss in detail, but they are a very interesting and diverse selection of characters.

Tekken_2_Page 1

Jin is having a change of heart and wants to redeem himself for his past actions, where he blamed others for the curse he holds in his blood. He refuses point blank to raise a fist, for it only makes the devil inside him stronger. I do believe Jin trying to be a pacifist is a good thing, but given the events of the story, this moral choice is an unfortunate case of bad timing. However, with the likes of Nina Williams on his side, he will always have someone watching his back. Speaking of which, Nina is also the narrative focus for this story.

Having played several of the Tekken games myself, it is a delight to see some very familiar faces. I could also imagine their in-game voices whilst enjoying this book. There is plenty of action in this collection, as we see just about all of the the most famous Tekken characters getting pulled into the Mishima war. There is also an interesting twist near the end and some unusual alliances; it seems the Mishimas aren’t the only family that have their troubles.


The artwork is by Andie Tong, a Malaysian/Australian comic artist. Over the years he has worked on numerous comics and graphic novels. He was also a regular artist for Spectacular Spider Man UK from 2005 to 2010. He has also contributed to The Batman Strikes for DC Comics. The artwork in this collection is impressive, more action focussed, with its darkened tones and over-shadowing. It gives panels more of a serious atmosphere, filled with violence and corruption. The demonic side of the story is well portrayed, especially the visions that Kazuya experiences.


Overall this comic is a good insight into the backstories of Tekken’s most well known characters. I do hope to see another expansion with these particular characters and perhaps a resolution to Jin’s condition. This comic is definitely worth picking up by all Tekken fans out there.

Overall: 8/10


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