Teen Titans #20 Review

Written by: Adam Glass

Illustrated by: Bernard Chang

Colours by: Marcelo Maiolo

Letters by: Rob Leigh

Cover by: Bernard Chang

Published by: DC Comics




The Teen Titans are back with a brand new team and they are darker and grittier than ever… and I like it.

In this issue we see the Titans facing against Brother Blood, a so-called vampire, and his followers The Church of Blood. But the action between the Titans and Brother Blood aren’t to further any plots apart from the introduction of the new Teen Titans and to set up what I presume is going to be an ongoing plot – the hunt for The Other. Who is The Other? That is yet to be explained.


The new Teen Titans team is pretty solid and has all your basic archetypes expected from a young super hero team:

Robin, Damien Wayne: The Leader. I have always found Damien to be self-righteous and here it is no different but it appears that as the Titans new leader his self-righteousness is almost interesting rather than annoying and has led to a big secret underneath the Titans new hideout Mercy Hall.

Kid Flash: The Nice Guy. Another established hero, but also a nice guy who membership hinged on Roundhouse being included in the Titans, meaning that Damien begrudgingly gave the new guy a chance.

Red Arrow: The Serious One. Just as serious and self-righteous as Damien but again I think it fits into this new more serious and dark Teen Titans. Her abilities include archery, demeaning comments and the ability to think ahead.

Crush: The Muscle. The daughter of Lobo, Crush, has fulfilled the need for a moody, emo and hot-headed member of the Teen Titans and I think she will (for lack of a better term) crush it. She has strength and attitude on her side.

Djinn: The Magic. A 4,000 year old teenager who also fills the requirement for a magical member on the Titans. She seems headstrong and a bit of a loner, with a soft spot for stray animals.

Roundhouse: The Newbie. A human cannonball and a newbie disliked by a lot of the group, except for Kid Flash, due to him being fresh meat. He is sweet and idyllic about being a superhero, his powers are also pretty cool and even in this issue proved himself useful.


As teenage super hero teams go it looks like the cast is diverse and ticks all the boxes for either ultimate team work or lots of in-fighting (or both!) and I like that they have a bit more attitude that the classic Teen Titans, I look forward to seeing what they get up to.

Overall: 8/10


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