Tartarus – Launch Trailer

Tartarus – Launch Trailer

Cooper, the cook on the space mining ship TARTARUS, awakens on the floor of the galley with no idea what has happened. The ship’s security protocol has been engaged, locking the doors and turning TARTARUS into a flying prison. As the sirens wail and the emergency lights flash, the powerless ship drifts closer to falling out of orbit and crashing to the surface of Neptune.

The only person Cooper can reach on the intercom is Andrews, the ship’s system engineer. With Andrews trapped himself, it falls to Cooper, a man with no training in the old ship’s rudimentary terminal systems, to save the MRS TARTARUS and her crew. In addition to the navigating the computer systems, Cooper will also have to deal with mechanical problems as pipes burst and the ship’s engines are pushed beyond their breaking points.

Can Cooper, with only the voice of Andrews as aid, bring the ship back online and save TARTARUS? Or will the entire crew be lost in space, 2.7 billion miles from home?

TARTARUS is a first-person exploration game with roots in iconic science-fiction films. Players will have to use realistic computer commands to break into the ship’s systems, and puzzles will harken back to classic puzzle games that often required a pen and paper to solve.


With the unique game mechanics, retro-futuristic style, and command-line terminal system, TARTARUS looks to bring you a different kind of gaming experience.

Tartarus will launch Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 07:00pm(PT) for PC.

For more information about the game, visit www.tartarusthegame.com or http://store.steampowered.com/app/608530/TARTARUS/

Developer & Publisher: Abyss Gameworks




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