Tank Girl: All-Stars #1 Review

Writer: Alan Martin

Art and Lettering: Chris Wahl, Brett Parson, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Jim Mahfood

Cover: Brett Parson

Publisher: Titan Comics




Tank Girl is a special character, she’s kind of a dirty, sleazy, rebellious, loud mouth, punk, but that’s why her fans love her.

Tank Girl: All-Stars #1 is an anthology of stories mixed with a little bit of prose, this is the first Tank Girl comic book I’ve read and this one, in particular, isn’t for me. I love the character and have been a fan of the movie since I was little but these stories aren’t for me at all. I tried to find my VHS copy of the Tank Girl movie but it’s missing and it wouldn’t have helped me anyway with the review, the movie is a funky trip that highlights the craziness of her world. The stories in All-Stars #1 seem to be a strange mix of childlike comics but for a mature audience.

Tank_Girl_All_Stars_1_Page 1

I liked the variation of art and the mix of comic book and prose, one of the stories called Time For Tank Girl was the closest to what I expected a Tank Girl comic to be but fell short of being interesting to me. One of the other stories called Salon Tank Girl had awesome art and the look is about as perfect as you can get, but once again the story wasn’t good and is meant for teenage girls, I don’t think I’m the intended audience. I really hate to rag on this book, but it is what it is, the character isn’t used like I think she could have been, which is sad, but maybe this is what current fans like, I don’t know.

Tank_Girl_All_Stars_1_Page 2

Overall I’m disappointed with this book but it hasn’t scared me away from looking into others outside of this All-Star line of Tank Girl books.

Overall: 4/10

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