Tales From the Gutter: A Gutter Magic – Kickstarter

Tales From the Gutter: A Gutter Magic – Kickstarter

Rich Douek has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Tales From the Gutter: A Gutter Magic, an exciting new chapter in the Gutter Magic story, that explores and expands upon the world featured in the 2016 IDW miniseries.

A Gutter Magic #1

In the 2016 series, Gutter Magic explored the story of a man named Cinder Byrnes, in his quest to become a wizard. Born without powers to one of the most prestigious wizarding families in the city, he was determined to gain the powers of magic for himself, and turned half the city upside down to do it.

Tales From the Gutter: A Gutter Magic features three all new short stories that take place in the Gutter Magic universe. Joining Rich on this project are Brett Barkley, who returns from the main series, Eryk Donovan, of Quantum Teens Are Go, and Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon, of Legend of Wonder Woman.


A Gutter Magic #1 2

Whispers, by Doug Hills



In Dead and Buried, we’ll learn more about what drives Shiver – daughter of the Morgue, and leader of the Ghost Knives street gang. Featuring the wonderful art of Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon.

A Gutter Magic #1 4

Ghost Knives by Iain Laurie (colors by Alexander Lindstrom)


In Free Spirits, Eryk Donovan will illustrate the world through the eyes of the various elementals and spirits that the wizards employ. Turns out that most of them don’t appreciate being bound. 

A Gutter Magic #1 6

Cinder by Sean Von Gorman


In Dirty Work, Brett Barkley shows us the scavengers, who salvage weapons and technology from the great war, from the dangerous lands that lie beyond the city’s borders.

The campaign features a number of artists contributing pinups they include: Sean von Gorman, Joe Mulvey, Eoin Marron, Jules Rivera, Alex Cormack, Iain Laurie, Paul Tucker, Doug Hills, and many more!


“Gutter Magic is smart fantasy that’s well worth your time and treasure.”
Charles Soule


“Gutter Magic is a fantasy-fueled caper that mixes gun-slinging and spell-slinging. Fun stuff!”
– Jim Zub


“ Weird and surprising, which is what this and are two of my favorite things in comics. And fun, which is the part that really matters. There’s not a lot of urban fantasy steampunk in comics, and Gutter Magic makes a good argument that we’ve been missing out.”


“GUTTER MAGIC is a smart, engaging, and original debut that cements Douek & Barkley as creators to watch. With great characters, wonderfully composed action scenes, and an effortless sense of world building, GUTTER MAGIC pulled me in from the first page and has me anxiously waiting for issue two!”
-Frank Barbiere 


For more details you can out the project on Kickstarter.











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