Swordship Review

Developer: Digital Kingdom

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox Series X (Reviewed) |S

Genre: Action

Publisher: Thunderful Publishing


Swordship is a futuristic arcade racer where you must dodge and use the enemies’ weapons against them, turning a whole gaming genre on its head. This bright and lightning-quick game is a joy to watch and play too. It’s big, bold, and brash.


The first thing that strikes you even before you play the game is the wonderfully bright and big text emphasising every minor detail. The text and general look and feel have a lightning-quick pace to them which matches the game. Everything about the game has a high tempo to it. You control a ship that must pick up containers and deposit them to progress through dynamically generated levels. The premise, while simple, is difficult to achieve! You control this little yellow ship as it zips through various levels; you dodge, dive and use special powers to navigate through; this post-apocalyptic world. A host of enemies will try to stop you on your path, and in some cases, you can use their attacks for your good. Big explosions and obstacles litter the levels; you must use them to your advantage to make it to the next stage.


The game is slick, quick-moving, thrilling and action-packed. It’s fast-paced, and the choices you make can lead to more points or move lives, whichever you prefer. It’s up to you whether you want more glory or a slight chance of progressing further.


This futuristic thrilling, arcade dodge’em game is a beautifully crafted rouge-like game where each section gets increasingly more difficult. As the player, you have to use your wits and reflexes. The roguelike elements and the dynamically generated levels mean that each play-through will be unique and difficult. I enjoyed it; it is like a clever, fun, challenging game. The high octane and thrilling nature make for a fantastic gaming experience. The game is solid and has lots of fun while challenging.

Overall: 8/10


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