Super Catboy Release Date Trailer

Meow! Let Out Your Retro Rage in Run-N-Gun Title Super Catboy Later This Month

Join this ferocious feline as he kicks ass and takes names on July 24th

Wiesbaden, Germany – July 14th, 2023 – Publisher Assemble Entertainment and Developer Pixelpogo are super hyped to announce the release date for their fast-paced run-n-gun adventure platformer Super Catboy. On July 24th, players will be able to dive into this 90s-inspired, 16-bit world with protagonist Catboy and his eccentric but adorable sidekick Weapongirl on PC and Mac via Steam. Play through a wild adventure that perfectly captures the golden era of action platformers. 

Meet Catboy, the not-so-average hero of this not-so-average story. Leaving nothing but chaos in his wake, Catboy is determined to thwart the plans of his evil creator Dr. Ungefug so he can go back to doing cat things. Laying in the sun. Scratching everything. The good stuff. Unfortunately, this quest won’t be easy, as Dr. Ungefug has created an army of anthropomorphic dogs that will stop at nothing to take Catboy down.

Super Catboy combines elements of platformers, run-n-gun and beat ‘em up games in a combination that makes for a fast-paced, high octane action title. Designed in a modernised pixel style, Catboy must run, jump, dash and fight his way through different diverse biomes from snow-capped mountains to derelict factories. Equipped with an impressive arsenal of weapons, Catboy and Weapon Girl will take down countless barking mad doggos utilising both platforming and melee combat. Inspired by games like Mega Man X, Metal Slug and Donkey Kong Country, Pixelpogo’s goal is to stay true to their roots and deliver a title that taps into player’s nostalgia in just the right ways.


  • Jump Into Nostalgia: Enjoy the 90s inspired 16-bit graphics combined with catchy tunes and feel like you’ve jumped right into the past!
  • Run Kitty Run: Equipped with the latest dashing sneaker technology, Catboy must run, jump and dash his way through different brightly coloured levels, including snow-capped mountain ranges, mystical forests and derelict factories.
  • Take Down Doggos: Use Catboy’s plethora of purrfect powers and weapons to take down hordes of dastardly anthropomorphic dog soldiers.
  • Now That’s a Bonus: Unlock bonus stages, including motorbike and minecart chases. 
  • Tell Me A Story: Super Catboy features a unique story to unlock as you progress through each level. Learn more about the game’s loveable characters and challenging bosses the more you play! 

Super Catboy is set to release for PC and Mac via Steam and GOG on July 24th, a demo is available right now so players can try it out. Players that wish to stay up to date on the game can add it to their wishlist. To keep current with all things Super Catboy, follow the game on Twitter, Facebook, and join the official Assemble Entertainment Discord server.

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