Super Cane Magic ZERO – Early Access Trailer

January 10, 2018 – Bologna, Italy/… Studio Evil S.r.l. today announced that its action arcade RPG Super Cane Magic ZERO will be coming to Nintendo Switch, joining the already confirmed release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during Spring 2018.
In Super Cane Magic ZERO, the world of WOTF is in danger after the village of Poptarts explodes, sparking a vegetable riot and leaving the world’s fate in the hands of a group of semi-naked people who have only just fallen from the sky. Start your adventure as Dude, Dudette or one of the many other wacky characters, find the dog, restore the Internet and save the day!

Super Cane Magic ZERO features a large, colourful gameworld developed in collaboration with the Italian cartoonist Sio, popular for his comic books and his hilarious videos.
The game includes randomly generated dungeons and local PvP arenas, where players can fight solo or in local co-op, find gear, eat bombs, crawl ridiculous dungeons and kill all the vegetables!

Previously in Steam Early Access with ‘Very Positive’ reviews, Super Cane Magic ZERO is set for release during Spring 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, with Nintendo Switch to follow soon after.

Key Features
– Story Mode with local co-op for 4-players
– Local PvP Arena Mode
– Huge, colourful gameworld
– Fight a giant potato!
– Designed by Italian comic artist / YouTube star Sio
– Procedurally Generated Dungeons
– Eat at least four types of rock!
– Belief System RPG Character Progression
– Cast of 15+ Playable Crazy Characters
– Throw people into lava pits!
– Shoot lasers from the eyes of an old man!


Studio Evil S.r.l.
Studio Evil is an independent game development studio in Bologna, Italy, born from the endless passion of three kids from the 1980s. After more than a decade of art and programming they finally joined forces to build spectacular video games. Its most important projects are the retro-inspired Syder Arcade (2011), the educational game Relive (funded by Future of Health Award 2012), and Super Cane Magic ZERO, in development together with the popular cartoonist Sio thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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