Summerhouse Review

Developer: Future Friends Games

Platforms: Mac, PC (Reviewed)

Genre: Simulation, Strategy

Publisher: Friedemann


SUMMERHOUSE is a small building game. This game was developed by Friedemann and published by Future Friends Games. The game is not very similar to other games, making it unique. This review was done on the PC (Windows), but the game is also available for MacOS.

SUMMERHOUSE is a single-player game where you start by choosing from four various lands. From here, you can build the house that you desire through many foundations. The game allows you to let your creativity flow by designing a house to your liking in the designated area. The game is relatively straightforward to get into and does not require much thought.


The controls for SUMMERHOUSE are quite simple. Everything is mainly done through point-click, and nothing has any delay whatsoever. With no excessive controls, it allows for easy gameplay, which adds to the overall relaxing atmosphere.

The art style of this game is vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. The artwork is so cute, yet subtle, which adds a great level of simplicity through its details. The art style for this game is subtle but adds liveliness to the different biomes. It has a blend of pixelated art with a mix of drawn-like elements. When taking a look at the game, it has a very bubbly nature to it with all the inviting, warm colours. I love the attention to detail added in this game, specifically when it comes to the textures of the foundations for the buildings, the unique landscapes and the decorations. The soundtrack of the game is very subtle as well. Most of it consists of atmospheric sound effects such as birds chirping and wind whistling, which creates this calm vibe in the game. The music consists of a slow piano that sounds similar to Minecraft music. I love the tie between the visuals and audio because it adds a charm to this game and is quite tranquil. The game is also perfect to play while listening to your playlist!


What I like about the building aspect of this game is that there are a decent number of foundations for you to choose from. Each tile, roof, and wall slightly differ, and you can adjust it to your liking. There are a number of items to use, from doors, platforms, and decor, such as boulders and rocks, to create the best house that fits the environment. I do wish there were perhaps a bit more accessibility added, where you could change the colour of the objects, but this allows for a more realistic look. My favourite part about the building process would have to be adding the decorations, which made the house even more exciting and fitting. The environment also comes with a few options where you can set it to morning, midday, or night, which is a nice touch for players to truly visualize their builds.

What I really like about this game is that it’s like a mindful, chill activity that does not take much of your time, so you can easily wind down with this game. I also love that there is no limit whatsoever to the number of houses you build in an area, which can take your time to create a cute, restful area.


As you build your SUMMERHOUSE, you unlock various tiles that you can use for your builds, but something that is lacking in this game is a sense of progression. After building your SUMMERHOUSE, there is not much more to the game, and I think maybe adding objectives or more unlockable areas can make the game much more progressive and fun. Overall, the game took about 2 hours to complete, and it was fun for its building and the visuals, but it may need a bit more, too.


If you’re looking for a game that brings together a fun, mellow time through the peacefulness of building a stunning house/cabin in a designated area, then this game is just for you. The game offers charming visuals and great assets for you to be able to build the most creative houses you’d like. So, be sure to check out SUMMERHOUSE.

Overall: 7/10

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