Sticky Business Review

Developer: Spellgarden Games

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), Mac

Genre: Simulation, Casual

Publisher: Assemble Entertainment


Sticky Business is a cosy sticker shop simulation game. There are not any game that plays similarly to Sticky Business. Sticky Business is developed by Spellgarden Games and published by Assemble Entertainment. This review is done for the PC, but the game is available for macOS also.

Sticky Business is a single-player game where you focus on running a sticker business from the comfort of your desk. You can create unique stickers, package and deliver orders, customise your sticker website and get further upgrades to; make your business grow! As you play through the game, you unlock customer stories that develop over time as your business grows. The game has a lot of; character for the simplicity it brings.

The controls for Sticky Business are extremely simple and easy. You pretty much just; use your mouse to interact with everything on the screen. When designing stickers, there are options on top of the sticker where you can rearrange the different; icons you use. A useful control that was not shown; at the beginning of the game would be when creating a sticker sheet under the printing tab. You can press on the stickers multiple times to have them organised onto the page; themselves. This; saves the player time from having to drag and place every single sticker onto the sheet. The controls all run smoothly and have no issues.


The art style for Sticky Business is a top view, 2D pixel-art theme. Everything about the game portrays a cosy and welcoming feel. The colours are vibrant, and the pixels; are not fully formed, pixels but very subtle. The desk where your business starts also is so comforting. Things like having a keyboard, mouse, scissors, and tea placed as elements on the desk make it more realistic. My favourite part of the visual aspect of this game are all the icons, objects, animals, stickers, etc, stock that you can use to make your creativity really flow. Each sticker is extremely cute, and there is a large; range of items you can mix and choose from to create the perfect sticker. The cosiness of the game is also complimented by the relaxing soundtrack. The music consists of very funky pop and energetic instruments put together. Little sound effects make the game so much more lively as well. For instance, when clicking on buttons, there’s a pitched mouse click sound (which sounds extremely satisfying), the flow of the paper when it comes out of the printer, and adding filling to the packages all have sounds that you are familiar with in the real world which, truly immerses the player into the game.


The aim of the game is to create stickers, package them, print them and send out deliveries. Depending on the size of the sticker you make, they can either be more expensive or cheap. An interesting; way, you can upgrade your business is by getting enough star ratings on the sticker elements you used. An interesting way time works in the game is that all the tasks have fixed timings. For instance, creating stickers takes a larger time chunk than printing out sticker sheets. This makes it so that the player can not fly through the game. There are three main tasks that you can do throughout the day. First is the designing of stickers, where you can select from different shapes, animals, and objects, you can size them, underlap them, change their colours and lots more. After creating your sticker, you can also give it a name. The second task is printing, where you can select various papers and there; arrange your stickers to fit onto a sheet to print out the most amount. You are given a counter at the; very top right to make the most of your stickers. The third task is packaging, which is where you can use coloured paper and filling to make the packages even nicer. If you; want you can also buy sweets to give with your packages.


I extremely enjoyed the game. I liked that the nature of the game is that you can leave it and pick it up whenever you’d like to play again. The game is truly relaxing and is something you can sit back and play calmly. I found myself playing the game day after day, as it got addicting to create stickers and package orders. My favourite option in the game would definitely have to be how you can save the stickers you make in the game and use them on other platformsThe stickers are very Discord-friendly, meaning you can upload them onto servers and use them as actual stickers. Sharing the stickers you made in the game with friends was truly, a seller! Besides just making the stickers, if you make certain types of; stickers, you can unlock customer stories. I found the customer stories to be interesting because as you would see orders, there would be little texts from the customers either talking about their life or commenting on your shop. You also have a little messages icon at the bottom where you can read through all the customer stories and reach ends with them on their journey. It was very fun reading through the messages and creating stickers targeting what they wanted which; made the game even more dynamic. Everything about the game is; so lovely and really is so relaxing.


If; you want to play a game where you can sit back and run a sticker business literally from the comforts of your own desk. Have the ability to let your creativity run wild and feel the rush of packaging orders and getting to know your trusty customers, then; Sticky Business is the game for you.

Overall: 9/10


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