Steven Universe: Harmony #1 Review

Written By: S.M. Vidaurri

Artist: Mollie Rose

Colorist: Meg Casey

Lettering By: Mike Fiorentino

Cover by: Marguerite Sauvage

Published By: BOOM! Studios/kaBOOM!




There’s a reason this franchise has become so iconic: it’s fantastically fun and hip; a sensational mix of old and new school, showcasing the evolution of cartoons (and comics) while also emphasizing what is so attractive about this genre in the first place. Enjoying the playfulness of Steven Universe gets me in touch with my inner child and studying the development and diversity of Steven Universe helps me with my own attempts at storytelling, in all forms. As a modern, multimedia experience with a wide audience, it’s appeal is definitely one to aspire to or, at the very least, to be appreciated.


The first issue of Harmony has the same vibe as all Steven Universe tales, while still being a great intro to the wondrous world of the Gems, courageous adventures, and hilarious rock bands. An out of this world conflict starts us off, followed by a more mundane problem, both of them working together seamlessly to captivate and lure us into the current story.

All of the characters are rendered faithfully, in terms of voice and look, though the art is definitively stylized. I loved the backgrounds and only wished there were bigger images of them so I could ogle over them without squinting, but that is a really minor gripe. It’s a great comic to look at, just like the cartoon.


If you love Steven Universe, you’ll be happy with this first issue, but if you’ve never seen or read any Steven, you might feel a little lost, because many of the characters take the stage with no background or even names given. However, since it is so popular, I am betting that most readers who will pick up this book have some kind of prior experience with this all-ages series. It’s a good time, regardless, and a breezy read-through: an impeccable choice to devour between the heavier-hitting books of your week.

Overall: 9/10


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