StarCrawlers Launch Trailer

StarCrawlers Launch Trailer

Imagine a world where megacorps wield unspeakable power over the universe… but in the future!
StarCrawlers is a cyberpunk RPG dungeon crawler set in a gritty space-age universe, available today on Steam and

On the outer edges of inhabited space, you’ll decide: will you curry favor with the powers that be, or blaze your own path? As you navigate the murky politics of corporate intrigue, you’ll collect friends and enemies in equal measure, and your choices may come back to haunt you. Juggernaut Games’ StarCrawlers pays loving homage to old-school dungeon crawlers like Wizardry and Might and Magic, adding a modern sci-fi aesthetic and a strategic turn-based combat system.

StarCrawlers 3

Immerse yourself in an RPG adventure full of puzzles, exploration, corporate heists, space pirates, psychotic AIs, and mysterious robotic constructs.





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