Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through The Mirror #4 Review

Written By: David Tipton & Scott Tipton

Story A Artist: Carlos Nieto

Story A Colorist: Fran Gamboa

Story B Artist: J. K. Woodward

Lettering By: AndWorld Design

Published By: IDW Publishing


On board the USS Enterprise, two members of the alternate Enterprise crew are carrying out a plan to deceive the ships systems and force an emergency situation. Will this issue end with our Captain Picard ordering a mass evacuation and risk losing his ship? Read on to find out! Meanwhile, in a flashback, Alternate Commander Data comes face to face with the reclusive Emperor Spock. He hopes to unlock the secret of why Spock’s presence is being erased from history and all knowledge of travelling across dimensions…


The story is really starting to pick up now, with a lot of action happening on the Enterprise. A duplicate duo is infiltrating the crew, and not only is their appearance suspicious but also the ship’s computer has detected their presence. I am actually quite surprised by how perceptive the Enterprise crew is. It’s great to see the story really progressing, and finally in Alternate Data’s flashback, we get to meet Spock.

Speaking of which, my, has Spock aged! His appearance is that of an elderly man, but his demeanour however is completely different from the first time I came across Alternate Spock in the web series, Star Trek Continues ( He is not filled with spite, greed or ambition to rule the solar system. Having realised where he went wrong during his time ruling, he has been living as a recluse for many years, only for Alternate Data to track him down, despite all obstacles, just on the basis of a rumor. I am still hoping to find out what happened to Spock in the next issue.

As I said before, I am quite surprised by how perceptive the Enterprise crew are and this definitely sets up interesting story points for Issue #5. It is well worth picking this issue up and by all means, do check out the web series Star Trek Continues. Why not rewatch Star Trek: The Next Generation too?


This issue can be found with five variant covers. Cover A is by J.K. Woodward, in the same layout style as previous issues, and shows Geordi La Forge and Wesley Crusher from the USS Enterprise standing against their alternate counterparts. There are some physical differences between the characters and their alter egos; the alternate Geordi is completely bald and uses a different visor in order to see. Wesley’s character appears more strict and seems to have had a more rigorous upbringing. The convention exclusive cover is the same image again but in black & white. Cover B is by Carlos Nieto and Jason Lewis. This shows Geordi of the USS Enterprise against his armed counterpart. The retailers incentive A photo cover is of Commander William T. Riker, as portrayed by actor Jonathan Frakes. Lastly, we have the retailer incentive B cover, created by Peter McKinstry. Here we have Alternate Data with an enhanced cyborg left eye, looking off into the distance. This image clearly portrays his incentive to finish any mission, no matter what obstacle is in his way.

We have one issue left in this miniseries. So how do you think this is going to end and have you enjoyed it up to now? Let me know by hitting reply in the comments section below.

Overall: 8/10


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