Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through The Mirror #3 Review

Written By: David Tipton & Scott Tipton
Story A Artist: Josh Hood
Story A Colorist: David Garcia Cruz
Story B Artist: J. K. Woodward
Lettering By: AndWorld Design
Published By: IDW Publishing


Barclay and Deanna from the alternate universe prepare for their mission to beam aboard the Enterprise. Tasked with sending a false communication to the ship, in order to guide them to far-off coordinates, both must ensure they do not cross paths with their counterparts, and not raise any suspicions regarding their identities. Several months before, alternate Data has located the aloof Emperor Spock. What are his reasons, and what shall be the outcome?

Issue #3 and the story has not progressed as far as I would have hoped. As members of the alternate Enterprise crew beam onboard Captain Picard’s ship, they begin a chain of events that puts the ship and its crew in danger. Alternate Picard wishes to strip all supplies and materials from the Enterprise in order to upgrade both his own ship and gain loyalties from other ships in the fleet. This is a risky mission that would put him in a position of power amongst the fleet.


The character of Lieutenant Barclay is new to me, and in the alternate universe he is overconfident, leading me to believe that onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, Barclay has a nervous disposition and probably makes some embarrassing mistakes. This is even more evident by the remark from one of the Enterprise crew, as he calls Barclay ‘Broccoli’ instead. This is more of a snide comment, rather than a friendly bit of banter. The story switches to the alternate universe, and it flashes back to when an upgraded Lt. Data tracks down Emperor Spock. We see more of Data’s self-modifications up close, and he looks to have done this in order to overcome any obstacle that comes between him and his target. We also get to see an aged alternate Spock, white beard, cloaked but still the same scowl we all remember from his character in Star Trek: TOS.

The alternate Picard is using some form of modification to his transporter in order to beam across dimensions. Using this, he has already plundered many ships and bases of their materials and taken many lives. As of yet, the U.S.S. Enterprise and Starfleet are unaware as to how this is happening, so they are of no immediate threat to alternate Picard’s operation as of now. As to why they are tracking down the long forgotten Emperor Spock, I am unsure. Perhaps it is because he is possibly the only living crewmate left that has crossed paths with those in the other dimension? Perhaps he holds some clue as to how the alternate Picard and his crew are crossing dimensions? Hopefully more will be revealed next issue.


This third issue of the Through The Mirror series, can be found with five variant artworks, the first of which is pictured at the top of this page. Cover A by J.K. Woodward is in the same style as previous issues. Two characters, Deanna and Riker, face opposite their alternate Universe counterparts, with the aged Emperor Spock in the middle. Cover B is by Josh Hood and Jason Lewis. The alternate Deanna is peering from around the corner at her kind-hearted twin and beloved Riker. The retailer incentive A photo cover is of Lieutenant Commander Worf from the TV series. Next, we have the retailer incentive B cover by Peter McKinstry. This shows who I assume to be Counsellor Deanna. I am not quite sure what emotion she is portraying, which is quite ironic when it is her job to monitor the emotions of the ship’s crew. Lastly, we have the convention exclusive cover again by J. K. Woodward, which is just a black and white print of the cover A design. Once again, the artwork in this issue does a good job of portraying the character likenesses from the TV shows actors (with drawn in sound effects for added enjoyment when reading).

More questions arise in this issue, that are bound to get some explanation in the next. As to why they are looking for Emperor Spock, I do not know. Hopefully this is revealed in future issues! Make sure to pick up Issue #3 in your local comic book shop.

Overall: 7/10


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