Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through The Mirror #1 Review

Written By: David Tipton & Scott Tipton

Story A Art By: Marcus To

Story A Colors By: Brittany Peer

Story B Art By: J. K. Woodward

Lettering By: AndWorld Design

Published By: IDW Publishing


As Worf and two members of the Enterprise crew land on the Naia Mining Facility to carry out an inspection, they discover there is a serious situation on site. Captain Ochoa reveals that some important supplies have gone missing and has no suspects in mind. After encountering a familiar face at the facility, Worf narrows down the search. In an alternate universe, the crew of the Enterprise and their Captain Picard begin to interrogate a smuggler by using torture tactics. When word of Emperor Spock emerges, Picard orders Data to retrieve all information there is to be known on the individual. Where will Issue #2 take us and will we have an encounter between Emperor Spock and Picard?

I have only just started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation series recently, so all these characters are still new to me. I have heard of the alternate universe before, as there was an episode about it during Star Trek Continues, a fan made continuation to the original Star Trek series. This issue has so far been intriguing, as Worf is leading a mission to uncover who has been stealing supplies from a mining facility that they are there to inspect. Having uncovered some of those involved in the crime, a whole new world is about to emerge in the next issue. Over in the alternate universe, the news of Emperor Spock’s return has rocked the Enterprise. Just what will Data find out, and how will Alternate Picard handle the situation?


Worf is a fantastic character in Star Trek: The Next Generation, being both trained in combat and possessing an imposing demeanor. He also has great attention to detail and was able to point out the suspicious character at the mining facility. The occupants of the alternate universe not only have opposite personality traits to their counterparts, but some also have a few differences in appearance. It is always a thrill to see great artwork, and this series is no different as the artists were able to capture the complete likeness of the characters in the show and transfer that into the comic.

I highly doubt the intruders on the Mining Facility are setting their phasers to stun, as a battle begins on site once Worf confronts one of them. With mystery, chases and phasers firing, the action is high with the ending scene leading straight into story B. This chapter takes place several months back in the alternate universe, and gives us a bit of a back story, which will eventually lead up to the events in story A. I am highly looking forward to the next issue and seeing how this story progresses.


Star Trek: The Next Generation ran from 1987 to 1994, so the fact it has returned again over twenty years later in comic format is astounding! Under the coverage of IDW Publishing, there are several skilled artists and writers contributing to the series. This issue has six (!) covers: Cover A is by J.K. Woodward, showcasing both Captain Picards and the Enterprise in the middle. Cover B is by Marcus To and Jason Lewis, showing Worf chasing down the intruder. The retailer incentive A photo cover is just a picture of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Retailer incentive B is by Peter McKinstry, showcasing the alternate Captain Picard with a stern looking profile. This is even more apparent in the retailer incentive C cover by Marc Laming and Jason Lewis, as the alternate crew tackle the crew of the Enterprise. Finally, we have the convention exclusive cover, which is just a black and white version of cover A. Once again, the character designs are precise fits to the actors from the show. It just instantly tricks your brain into hearing the characters voices from the show. The next issue will be out shortly from IDW Publishing, with more action and hopefully some more information on the alternate universe and the return of Spock.

Overall: 8/10

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