Speed Crew Review

Developer: Wild Fields

Platform: Switch

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Racing, Simulation

Publisher: Wild Fields


Speed Crew is a cooperative party game where you play as pit crew members. This game was developed and published by Wild Fields. Similar games to Speed Crew would be, Overcooked, Tools Up! and many other cooperative games. This review was done for the Switch version but will be available for the PC; at a later release date.

Speed Crew can be played multiplayer or single-player. In multiplayer, you can have up to 4 players that can be played both; locally and online. There are many different characters to choose from, and as you play, you unlock more. Character customization in this game is really nice as you; get to add a bit of your own touch to the player you play as. The aim of the game is for you and your crew to play as the elite pit crew to complete tasks with fixing incoming race cars within a given time. You are also able to name your team and progress through the leaderboard to continue through the levels.

The controls to Speed Crew are extremely easy to pick up. You are even shown a control map when pausing the game or loading into a level. Plus, when you start; the game, there is a little tutorial that is shown on how to work the controls and carry out the different tasks. What I like about this game is how, at every new task, there’s a blueprint visual that helps indicate how to do the task.


The art style of Speed Crew has this 3D retro-cartoon look but includes many realistic aspects that brings the game to life. Everything in the game, from the environment to objects, are all added to create the madness overall. We enjoyed how each level was unique from one another, no two were the same, and the designs of each overtime got crazier and crazier. Everything was detailed, from broken car tires to the car itself being broken and then looking; all polished and fixed. The race car designs were also really good as each was unique from one another and there was a whole variety that you encountered with. We truly just enjoyed the visuals of the chaotic levels the most.

The soundtrack choice of Speed Crew is very exciting and gets you amped. The music especially has high electro beats and drums with race car drift noises, which adds to the fast-paced environment. The music puts you into the mood of getting amped over finishing tasks within the time. The difference in music from the main menu to the actual levels themselves is really good. Some levels have this jazz type of music to very synth keyboard music. The sound effects add a lot more to the game as you hear hammering, tools wrenching, and fuel being; added, which makes the tasks more immersive.

In Speed Crew, there is a campaign and arcade mode. Arcade mode is soon to come out, so we were not able to test it out. But as for campaign mode, there are four specific championships, which span over four decades, that you progress through. Each championship is unlocked by fully completing the previous, and most tend to have about ten rounds in each with two additional sponsor races. How the game works is that you play; under the required time limit and try to earn the most points on the leaderboard to unlock further races and championships. What we liked about this game is that each championship gets more difficult than the next and truly; challenges your team skills with high-paced tasks.


We extremely enjoyed this game as it was a unique themed party game, and the idea of being in a pit crew is already fast-paced, which matched so well with this type of games. Rather than playing it by ourselves, we found it much better to play with a whole party locally as it just got more chaotic. We also really liked the cut scenes with the voice-overs in the game that created the story of the game. This set up the game so well, and the voice acting was done very nicely too. There is a lot of variety between the levels, which is something we enjoyed, except we wish that in the future, there are more levels added to the game. Though the number of points needed to advance over was well-balanced and overall was an extremely fun game to play!

Speed Crew is a game that everyone can play. It can be challenging, but being put in the environment of a pit crew is different and exciting. The game is extremely fun to play with yourself or others. So if you want to play a chaotic cooperative party game that really is time pressuring then, you have to check out Speed Crew!

Overall: 8/10


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