SpecialEffect Release EyeMine Software

Play Minecraft with your eyes – SpecialEffect release ‘EyeMine’ software

UK-based gamers’ charity SpecialEffect have today released their unique open-source EyeMine software that will enable many people with severe physical disabilities to play Minecraft – using only their eyes.

Windows-based EyeMine is free to download for anyone with a Minecraft account and works with a number of suitable eye-trackers. It can be made compatible with any eye tracker that can control a mouse pointer.

The software has a number of ability levels. If players can use eye gaze to select a square button about a quarter of the height of a monitor, they should be able to walk, fly and attack. More accurate eye control enables players to build, select items from the inventory and chat.

The help of a number of people with physical disabilities has been vital in the development and testing of the software. One of them, Becky Tyler, demonstrated the software to her gaming heroes (and long time SpecialEffect supporters) Lewis Brindley and Mark Turpin of the Yogscast recently.


SpecialEffect Founder and CEO Dr Mick Donegan said, “For us, EyeMine represents a watershed development. It’s a flagship example of taking the experience we’ve gained through our one-to-one work with gamers with the most severe physical disabilities and translating it into a means of helping a huge number of people on a global scale.”

Overview: http://www. specialeffect.org.uk/eyemine
Download and full details at https://github.com/ SpecialEffect/EyeMine/wiki
Tutorials: http://bit.ly/ 2qyL4x6

SpecialEffect is an award-winning charity that helps people with disabilities to benefit from the fun, rehabilitation and therapy of video games. They support people of all ages through assessments, equipment loans and equipment modifications.

Please note: EyeMine is not compatible with Minecraft on mobile or gaming consoles.


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