Southern Bastards #18 Review

Southern Bastards #18 Review

Writer: Jason Latour

Artist: Chris Brunner

Colours: Jason Latour

Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher

Cover: Jason Latour

Publisher: Image Comics


Jason Latour takes over writing duties, but with Chris Brunner covering art this book doesn’t miss a beat.

This book has never dipped below a certain level of excellence. Even with the main artist and creator, Jason Latour handing over art duties to his “Loose Ends” collaborator Brunner, it remains the same book. Through its whole run, It’s been a perfect example of two creators(Aaron & Latour) melding together to form something special. Something we’ve never seen, and perhaps, never knew we wanted.

Southern Bastards #18_1

This issue finally starts walking down Roberta’s path of vengeance. Unbeknownst to her, Coach Boss is in a severely weakened state, opening him up to the punishment he’s earned. The whole issue revolves around Roberta, and in just one flashback, does an amazing job showing the nature of her relationship with her father.

Fill-in issues on a creator-owned book aren’t usually preferable, but Brunner does an incredible job of keeping the books presentation consistent. With Latour providing the cover and colors some might not even notice the difference. Southern Bastards is such a unique book, it would have been a shame to alter its look.

Southern Bastards #18_2

This issue is the beginning of the end, and it’s what most readers have probably been waiting for from this story. With Roberta just getting started, we still have plenty of loose ends to tie off, and story to tell. This was one of the better issues in a can’t-miss series.

Overall: 9/10






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