SoundPEATS Space Noise-Canceling Headphones Review

SoundPEATS Space Noise-Canceling Headphones is a Bluetooth headset from Soundpeats. The wonderful people at Soundpeats sent us this headphone to review. Space Noise-Canceling Headphones has been designed to introduce premium sound, feature active noise cancellation and have an ultra-long-lasting battery. This headphone sells at the price of $90.

The packaging for this headset is quite standard, with a close-up image of the headset on the front and specifications written at the back. I like the simplicity of this box as it shows you a nice picture of the design of the headset and has the essential specifications written in well-sized text on the back and right-hand side. The Space Noise-Canceling Headphones is available in three different colours: nebula black, creamy beige and ceramic white. The box includes the following items: a Space Noise-Canceling Headset, a type-C charging cable, a 3.5mm aux audio cable, a user guide, and a Soundpeat app introduction guide. The addition of the aux cable allows you to use the headset if they end up dying, so the wireless aspect can be used interchangeably with the aux cable. 


The Space Noise-Canceling Headphones colour we were sent was the Nebula black, which would have to be my favourite out of the three colour options. This one had a simplistic colour scheme of black and grey with accented rose gold on the base of the ear drums. I also really like the creamy beige as it’s a vibrant mixed colour scheme of shades that are similar to pink and peach. The ceramic white seems like a nice colour set but would not be my personal favourite only because it could get dirty easily, especially around the padded area. The headset itself is made out of plastic but has a sleek finish to it. 

For the Nebula Black, the complementary set of colours is really nice and pleasing to look at, which makes it go with anything. It’s not a colour set that would stand out, and I love the accented Soundpeat design to add a bit of a pop. It has a minimalist design, which almost resembles the popular Sony headphones. The left side of the base has a little quote on it, “Hear Your Imagination”, which I feel is ideal for what this headset has to promise. The padding under the top of the headset also sits well on the head and helps with support. We found that it does not have an obstructing feel to it and almost feels like it is not there, which makes it better for the comfortability of the headset. What I do like about this headset is that you can adjust the height of the headset itself, which allows for better comfort when wanting the ear padding to sit perfectly around your ear. Inside the padded ears, there is a big R and L written so you are aware of the right and left side. In addition to this, the earcups are padded with smooth leather, which is not rough to the touch.


Accessibility for buttons is really nicely placed on the headset. The right-hand side has the volume control button, the power button, and the aux cable port-with the left-hand side having the ANC button and charging port. Some of these buttons entail multiple purposes, which makes accessibility very good for the headset. The specifications for this headset are the following: 40mm dynamic drivers with punch bass, 35dB hybrid active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.3 for stable multipoint connection, 65ms low latency game mode, 100mAh battery capacity, and the headphone weighs 264g.

The voice that speaks when carrying out functions for the headset is a lot more soothing than other wireless earphones/headphones, which I quite liked as she is a lot less abrupt and loud. When using the headset without any ANC control or app control, we found that the sound quality was pretty good. For the price of these headphones, the sound was very satisfying as it amplified bass and melodic tunes really well. When listening to a lot of instrumental-focused music, the separation between distinct sounds was very impressive and is something a lot of avid listeners would appreciate. We tried the headset when using it to play games or just normal everyday listening. When using it for gaming, we found the sound feedback to be really good. When trying FPS-led games, there was a good response on picking up gunshots and subtle footsteps, which gave the player good awareness. We were a bit curious about the game mode that the app offered, so we tested it as well in comparison to not having it on and did not find much of a difference except for the noise being slightly more isolated and amplified. We found the sound quality to be surprisingly good when gaming. On top of mainly just using the headset on the laptop for gaming, we tried using the headset on an iPad and a Samsung phone. Mainly, when using the headset on the phone and the iPad, we listened to a series of music and watched videos on YouTube/Netflix. The sound is extremely clear, and with the ANC on, there is better isolation, so it feels like the sounds are right in your ear. With the comfortable padding of the earcups, it made the sound come across even better, as the headset would fit nicely on the head. The sound quality was picked up extremely well, everything was clear to hear, and there was no delay in any of the sounds.


The headset is compatible with an app, Soundpeats app, where several features are offered: Adaptive EQ, custom equaliser, noise reduction, voice control and game mode. When connecting to the app-you are shown an image of the headset with its battery life at the top. The first thing we tested out was the adaptive EQ. Adaptive EQ requires you to take a hearing test which plays sounds at different decibels.  At the end of the test, it gave a scientific test result about how your ears hear sound, which gets set to an adaptive EQ mode. Personally, it was found that there did not seem like much of a difference between the mode being on or off when listening to sounds. 

There are three different noise reduction modes. The first one we tested was the normal mode, which would not cancel any noise from the outside. The second mode we tried was the transparent mode, which makes outside noise audible, which is really good when walking outside with the headphones on so you are aware of the surroundings. There was such a big distinction between the normal mode and the transparent mode, which was surprising. When bashing on a mechanical keyboard in normal mode, the sound of the keys was muffled but still could be heard, but in transparent mode, the sound is intensified for the listeners to be aware of. We also tried this outside and found it to be quite useful, as it would allow you to hear outside sounds without having to take off the headset completely. A good safety measure: in a way so you are not entirely clueless with the headset on. Lastly is the ANC mode, which reduces all outside noise to prioritise the sound you are listening to. But in the case of this headset, it does not do that great a job. You can still hear outside noises and sounds, and it almost feels the same as having it turned off. So I would not really recommend having it on, as it drains the battery quicker, but the sound quality does not diminish from this. Overall, I really liked that the volume for the headset could be kept at a minimum, and the sound would still sound outstanding. 


Most of the EQ, transparent mode and ANC mode come with ‘pre-set’, so there are not a lot of customizability options for listeners.  There is a custom equaliser option in the app where you can slide certain tones up and down, but it is a bit confusing to work with and does not seem to have a great effect on the difference of sounds coming through. We did find it surprising that the headset has a dual device connection feature where the headset could simultaneously be connected to two devices, and you can interchange listening between them. It was a bit annoying at times, as there wasn’t a way to stop the dual connection.

Lastly, we tested the headset for calling purposes, and it was not worth it. If you intend on wanting to use this headset for calling others, the voice being picked up was harsh and not pleasant to the receiver’s end. It was found that the receiver could hear the harshness of my own voice and extreme background noises from the environment. It was hard for them to make out what I was saying, and not ideal for calling others. The mic seemed to be picking up a ton of external noise except for clearly picking up my own voice. 


The best thing about this headset-besides the sound quality at the price it sells, is the battery life. The battery life goes up to 120 hours, and with the ANC mode on, it roughly goes up to 60 hours. It was so astounding how constant use over a full week did not require a single charge, which is worry-free for listeners. Not only that, but the charging only took up to 2 hours, which is incredible for the amount of playback hours. We liked that the charging was a USB-C port, which is commonly used throughout many devices, so we used our usual cables in comparison to the ones Soundpeats provided, and the charging and battery life still remained the same. The battery life for this headset is amazing, and it goes without saying that you do not need to worry about not having a charged pair of headphones when going out, chilling or needing them to watch videos. This headset has an insane recharging time for its playback hours. 

We also tried connecting the headset with the aux cable after it was dead to see if the headset works well when wired, and in fact, it does. The sound quality is just as good, with no delays or static noises, which makes it perfect to listen to. I like that Soundpeats allowed for these headphones to also be used as wired, but because the battery life is perfect, the chance to use them as wired is quite limited. Though, it is always a good option to have. 


For the SoundPEATS Space Noise-Canceling Headphones, we could not properly compare them to other headsets as we do not own a wireless headset. We have wired gaming headsets, but the comparison would not be ideal. 

There are a few things here and there that could be taken into account for future reference. First off, we would like for the charging cable to be longer than 4 inches because it is difficult to charge the headset in areas when the cable is so short. The second suggestion would be to have a microphone input that could possibly pick up voices more clearly so that the functionality aspect of this headset can become even more. Lastly, we would suggest that the Soundpeats app equaliser include more customizability that can be accessible to all listeners, even people who are new to messing around with sound settings. 


The SoundPEATS Space Noise-Canceling Headphones have a great, simplistic, sleek design which goes well for everyday use. The headset is light and comes with a few different features that can be used remotely through the headset or through the companion Soundpeats app. The sound quality was satisfying and delivered good bass and rhythmic separation to highlight the different instruments in the music. The mic quality was a bit underwhelming, but nothing can beat the extensive battery life this headset has to offer. Without any worry, the Space Noise-Canceling Headphones can last up to 123 hours after only needing two hours of charge. Playtime with quite promising sound quality and a decent noise-cancelling feature makes it budget-friendly at the price of $90. So, be sure to check out SoundPEATS Space Noise-Canceling Headphones. 

Overall: 8.5/10

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