Soulmask Advances Release Date To May 31st

Singapore, May 24th. – Soulmask, the upcoming open-world survival epic that ranked #3 in February’s Steam Next Fest is thrilled to announce that following positive feedback from the community during their recent open beta, the game will now launch on May 31st, 2024.

“We’re over the moon to share the news that we’re advancing the release date of Soulmask,” says Matthew Jiao, Director of Publishing at Qooland Games. “We’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm for Soulmask from our community, and this decision is fueled by our excitement to continue developing Soulmask alongside our community in Early Access. We can’t wait to embark on this adventure with our community.”

Some select community comments from the Soulmask Discord

“the perfect blend of rewarding open world exploration, progression, combat, building, crafting and mounts” – Grimm
“I’ve had so much fun playing with friends and being part of this fantastic community” – HuffyT
“I’m excited to see what’s yet to come.” – Qiapix

In addition to what was available in the ongoing beta, Early Access will also introduce an array of content for players to experience: 

  • A staggering 500 hours of gameplay
  • Ten Signature Masks: each with their own unique power. 
  • Seven Vast Regions: a massive 64 square kilometer area spanning seven distinct biomes: Rainforest, Hill, Wetland, Plateau, Wasteland, Volcano, and Snow Mountain
  • Six fearsome bosses, five formidable pyramid bosses and one mysterious sci-fi-inspired boss
  • Eight Distinct Weapon Classes, 75 Unique Battle Skills spears, bows, hammers, blades, shields, gauntlets, great swords, and dual-blades
  • Five Special Mounts to Tame
  • Nearly 400 Ancient Relics, Uncovering Hidden Secrets
  • Improvements to character action and sound effect performance
  • Dynamic Tribesmen with Nearly 300 Unique Talents: Tribesmen are a unique and integral part of the game
  • 300 Construction Components to Construct a Cozy Home
  • New private server mode with more than 100 customization functions in stand-alone/online mode for more free game playing experience

Soulmask launches into Early Access with over 350,000 wishlists now, as one of the most anticipated games of 2024. Review codes are available upon request. 

Check out Soulmask’s Steam page here.

Key Features:


Mask gameplay is at the core of Soulmask. Masks give you the ability to control most of the NPCs in the game world – possess them, take over their bodies, and transform into anyone. As the game progresses, you can discover more masks that embody the spirit of ancient heroes to unlock many different abilities. Harness the gift of immortality, walk among your enemies concealed in the shadows, fire homing missiles with dead accuracy, and more. 

Dynamic Tribesmen and Tribal Management
In Soulmask, you can recruit up to 20 tribesmen to build your own tribe. Each tribesman is unique and has a distinct personality. You might recruit bloodthirsty warriors, dexterous hunters, ingenious craftsmen…or a drunk, lazy alcoholic. Soulmask offers powerful AI and command support, which allows you to set up and manage the workflow of clan members with a high degree of freedom: farming, harvesting, assembly line production, base patrol, automatic repair, and even maintenance. Everything can be automated and customized by you.

Diverse Physics-based Combat System
Soulmask also offers a diverse physics-based combat system for players who love to fight. The game features 8 weapon types and 75 skills, allowing players to customize their own fighting style. For example, the spear in Soulmask has up to eight specialization skills that can be randomly learned, which can be used as a ranged weapon to pull enemies closer or as a melee weapon to pierce enemies hearts! 


About Soulmask

Soulmask is a sandbox game that prioritizes an authentic and deeply engaging survival experience set in an immense and thriving world. As the “last one” blessed with the mysterious mask, players will grapple for survival as they dive into a primitive land steeped in mysterious faiths, carving out a path to ascendance. Start from nothing, explore, build, recruit tribesmen to fortify your clan, and ultimately unravel the mysterious truths hidden behind the civilizations of this expansive and richly rewarding world. Soulmask will be coming to PC via Steam on May 31st, 2024.

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