Sons of Fire Volume 1 live on Comixology

Sons of Fire Volume 1 live on Comixology

Award-winning writer Adam Lance Garcia (The Green Lama Legacy Series, The Obama Inheritance) and artist Heidi Black are thrilled to announce the first volume of their genre-defying graphic novel series, Sons of Fire (ISBN:978-149958469) is making its premiere on Comixology.

Fans can read the book at

“In every way, Sons of Fire is about removing the concept of the superhero from the confines of well-worn tropes. We are exploring what defines humanity in reaction to the emergence of the fantastic. What happens when a superman is born into a world very much like our own? Volume 1 has gained a following at comic conventions, on Amazon, and through word of mouth,” says Garcia. “Now with Comixology, we’ll be reaching a wider audience as we prepare the second volume for its winter release.”

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“The second installment of Sons of Fire will take us deeper into the truth of Black Rock and those who call it home,” Black adds. “While some secrets are revealed, the scope of the mystery spreads.”

What others are saying about Sons of Fire:

“Garcia’s writing on Sons of Fire subverts expectations at the start, and pulls you in without hesitation.”-Joseph Illidge

If you’re a fan of superheroes and the heroic journey, Adam Lance Garcia’s ‘Son’s of Fire’ is a must read. It was my first introduction to his work, and it showed a depth of concept and love of the comics genre than most new series are capable of showing. It’s a story that reimagines one of the most beloved superhero archetypes for a modern world. The art by Heidi Black is top notch, the premise is intriguing and well worth your time.”Jamal Igle

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Jacob Crowe, the lone survivor of a fire that took his brother and father, is unable to forgive himself for leaving his family to die. It is only when he discovers his friend Andrew Danner is something more than human that Jacob sees a way toward redemption. For Andrew, the life of a hero risks exposing his secrets to the world, and leads him to question his humanity. Together, Andrew and Jacob begin a dark journey that leads them from the boys they are, to the men they will become.

Sons of Fire Vol. 1 is also available on Amazon in print and eBook.







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