SoKawaii April 2021 Box Review

“Full Bloom Sakura”

Hello everyone, I’m back with another SoKawaii box review! Although a little later than usual, seeing as Japan Post is back up and running international postage again – shipping now takes a couple of weeks compared to 5 days tops from DHL during the pandemic. Don’t worry though, I still see myself doing the subscription box reviews for quite some time yet. So let’s get on to April’s box and its “Full Bloom Sakura” theme, which was celebrating Cherry Blossom season. So everything in this box more or less followed the same color palette. This month’s items are mostly from Sanrio, with one Pokémon item included.

For those of you that don’t know – SoKawaii is a company based in Japan, home of practically everything kawaii (the Japanese word for cute). They create monthly subscription boxes, jam packed with 100% licensed products from brands such as Hello Kitty, Pokémon, Sanrio, Studio Ghibli and more. The items range from plushies to Gachapon, little figures, stationary, lifestyle, kitchenware and more. The staff at SoKawaii handpicks 5 to 7 cute & useful items exclusive to Japan, pack them up in a very decorative box and send it straight to your doorstep each month. You can also check out their Instagram for even more info and insights into what is currently trending in Japanese arcades and stores. As well as sneak peeks into what they could be including in next month’s box. They also listen to what you would like to be included in future boxes, by asking across their social media accounts. So make sure to have your opinions heard over on their social media posts, particularly their Instagram one –


Our first item this month is a rather large one for the size of the box, and it’s this Sakura Cinnamoroll plush from Sanrio. This mochi plush is perfect for those day time naps that we all dream about post lunch. It’s pillow-like design features the iconic white character, with a light pink blush across its cheeks, sakura petals printed on its floppy ears and a sakura flower adorned on its head. It’s very well detailed and is also an exclusive item, as this plush is a limited run 2021 design from Sanrio. Better yet we have four items from this Sakura Sanrio collection in this very box.


The next item is also from the same collection and is a mini memo pad. Following the same character design as the Cinnamoroll plush, each page is ruled and has the same image on the front of the memo pad on the top of each page. This item is available in 8 different Sanrio character designs, of which I received Cinnamoroll.


Our third item from the Sakura collection is this Character pen, pictured on the left in the picture above. Now it is always handy to have an extra pen in the house and on you at all times, especially one as cute as this. This pen has a decent grip and weight to it, so it will be good for all that general paperwork you have to do. This item was available in three designs, all of which had Sanrio characters in the same traditional clothing designs as the memo pad.

Our next item is the Hello Kitty – Flower Body Spray, pictured on the right in the photo above. It’s in a handy travel size bottle, so you can put it in your handbag if you’re on the go. It follows the same Sakura theme and has a cute packaging design. I am actually amazed it never leaked or broke during shipping. The scent might be a bit too strong for some, as I find just one spritz goes a long way. Can be used by adults, but would also make a nice gift for younger girls that are a bit too young for perfume yet.


Now a pair of fluffy socks is always a welcome sight in any box, especially if they are character themed. This pair is once again from Sanrio, and is available in three character designs including My Melody, Hello Kitty and Pompompurin, but with four designs available. So it will be a real pick and mix in regards to what designs everyone will get. It’s made from stretchy material, super fluffy and for me, they fit a UK size 4 comfortably. They are more fluffy ankle socks, will stretch to a UK size 5 to 7 but don’t think there will be anymore room after that.


We are now onto our sixth and final Sanrio item from this month’s box – in this gorgeous Sakura Tote bag! This dual handled tote bag comes with two zippers on top with a rather sizable pocket on the inside. Would be ideal perhaps as a handbag, would easily carry a lunch or maybe even for a beach trip. This adorable bag is covered all around by a floral print, with several Sanrio characters printed across it including Keroppi, Little Twin Stars and Pompompurin. This bag was guaranteed in every April box.


We are now onto our final item for this April’s box and it comes from Pokémon, with Volume 5 of their Pokemofu mini doll series. This item is very similar to the Sylvanian Families, where we have a small figure that is covered in a light fur, giving it a fuzzy appearance. This series has been running since 2018 and is being made by Bandai, each figure also comes with a small piece of gum – which allows them to be sold in convenience stores near the sweets. There are seven available in Volume 5, including Pikachu, Grookey, Scorbunny, Sobble, Sandshrew, Alolan Sandshrew and Bewear.


There we have it folks, that was Aprils’ SoKawaii box. Very Sanrio heavy in the merch, a number of limited collectables, very on theme with the Cheery Blossom season. Now let’s get on to the all important information, for how YOU can begin your own subscription, as well as a special discount code just for you guys.

So here is the price breakdown of the box each month and the savings you can get. SoKawaii are back to shipping their boxes via Japan Post, so delivery may take a number of weeks. Whether you subscribe month to month, or for their 3, 6 or even 12 month package options – there are savings to be had.

1 Month – $35.00 (€29.00mo roughly)

3 Months – $33.50 (€28.00mo roughly)

6 Months – $32.00 (€26.50mo roughly)

12 Months – $31.50 (€26.00mo roughly)Better yet, here is a $3 discount code that you can use on your first box by clicking this link!

Now if you enjoyed April’s box, then just wait for May’s! It’s theme is “Springtime, Happy Time!” Featuring a number of items from San-X, My Neighbour Totoro and Sanrio. This box is already sold out, but act quick if you want June’s box where you can get your very own Totoro plush! Stay tuned to SoKawaiis’ social media, as they announced their themes, sneak peaks and opinion polls on what fans want to see next in their boxes. They are very active on their Instagram and really listen to what their customers are looking for – so go have your say now! Also make sure and use that special discount code I left you all above!

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