Sociable Soccer 24 Review

Developer: Tower Studios, Combo Breaker

Platforms: PC (Reviewed)

Genre: Sports

Publisher: Tower Studios


Sociable Soccer 24 is the latest football game on the market that is looking to challenge the EA Sports FC 24 title without the budget that the EA game has. It’s remarkably more of an arcade game than an actual football simulator, but it’s not without depth.

The game has many modes, including career, tournaments, friendlies, and online modes.


It’s an arcade football game emphasizing fun over realism; the graphics are good (nothing extraordinary), the players are generic, and the players look a bit simple. The sound effects were annoying, and they were grating after some time. Some of the sound effects just seemed odd! But the gameplay is the stand-out feature; it is simple, fun, and easy to pick up. The game pace is slower than a traditional arcade football game so that you can pass and run with the ball, but it does leave it to the player. Shooting is odd; you will score many goals outside the box but less so when in the box. The referee AI in the game was also bizarre; I got tonnes of yellows and reds for no reason, so that needs some tweaking. Despite these issues, I enjoyed them; I hope they can be tweaked and resolved!

I’m just going to say the career mode in the majority of football games isn’t for me, and this is the same; I don’t want to spend hours on end buying and selling players to get a team to resemble the team I want to play, but others love this. So, I set up a team and played a few games; then I was done. I was more interested in friendly and tournament modes; the game has many options.


Some notable features:

The game is FIFPRO licenced; you recognize many players.

The game maps to FIFA controls so you can start the games without learning new game controls.

Online PVP modes, though I never managed to find a match when I tried.

World mode includes 80 real-world trophies to win, with over 1,400 teams.

It’s a fun football arcade game, but expect something other than the high-budget, real-life likeness of FC 24 here. It’s a Steam football game that is fun and easy to play; it’s reminiscent of Sensible Soccer in some ways. They emulate career mode so you can have the same experience hereā€”the default controls to get you up and running in the game as soon as possible. It’s a good stab at a new football but doesn’t always hit the mark. The gameplay, AI, and graphics could be further refined and improved, but I still enjoyed it.

Overall: 6.5/10

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