Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Review

Developer: Rebellion

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Reviewed), PC, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Action

Publisher: Rebellion


Sniper Elite V2 is a third person shooter based in WW2 where the core role of the sniper is to carry out a series of tactical hits over numerous levels. The player can take a few ways to execute his tasks, the emphasis is placed on stealth as opposed to going gung-ho both can achieve the same outcomes. As this game is set in WW2, the levels, the costumes, characters, weapons and areas are WW2 influenced. Your weapons are from that era and will play as such. There is an emphasis on realism and having the world feel like a WW2 battleground.

The theme and plot are based around tactical sniper inserted behind enemy lines to carry out a series of tasks that leads you to find out more about the plan of the Nazis and the Soviets. A series of events lead to you finding out about the V2 missile and where it’s construction is taking place.



The levels, detail and singular focussed gameplay do give a sense of immersion into the WW2 world era and the unrelenting war. Your character design and the weapon types and the antiquated weapons also add to the sense of being in a bygone era. You decide on what you will achieve the goals of each level, a tactical sneak and stealth approach is where the game encourages you to go but I did play in both stealth and all-out combat mode. It was enjoyable, however, the way the sniper rifle kills when being used does give a really satisfying slow-motion x-ray death cam view. The kills are displayed gruesomely by showing organs or bones being shattered or destroyed. It’s the little features that depth to a game. The kills are displayed gruesomely by showing organs or bones being shattered or destroyed. It’s the little features that adds depth to a game.


The mission structure is that you are dropped into an area and you have a series of tasks to complete which will give you access to kill your target and this scene is set up numerous times. However, the game is quite samey throughout and if you do like a game which you want to snipe your enemies and that’s your core feature, this is the game up your street. I found it lacking in places, I wanted some more variety but doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the general game design, level setup and mechanics of the game. I found the actual sniper gameplay and physics quite enjoyable and I always wanted to kill as many enemies using stealth as opposed to all out guns blazing. Core mechanics of the game and the simplicity of the game is where the enjoyment is.


Overall, I enjoyed playing the game but it doesn’t have a lot of depth but that’s also it’s strength, the core mechanics and the gameplay make this fun. The graphics, textures are level design are good but could be better. It’s worth a play and the slow motion kill cams are worth playing this game alone.

Overall: 6/10


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