Slice(s) of Life – A World Without Pizza now live on Kickstarter

An all-new anthology that explores a world where pizza has been outlawed, featuring a star-studded cast of indie creators

FEB. 9, 2024, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — It’s history in the BAKING! Can you imagine… What if pizza was against the law

Announcing the all-new anthology series SLICE(S) OF LIFE – A WORLD WITHOUT PIZZA anthology, now live on Kickstarter!

In a terrifying world where the President has outlawed pizza after being ridiculed for eating it with a fork and knife, comes a comedy, drama and noir collection topped with heart and a penchant for pizza. Stories include: No Toppings for Old Men (Mario Candelaria, Laura Helsby, Jao Canola, Scott Ewen), Old Man Gino (Phil Butehorn, Roberto Duque, Scott Ewen), Personal Pan (James Ferguson, Darren Vogt), Pieces (Matt Summo, Jenny Odio, Scott Ewen)—featuring a bonus tale by all four writers, illustrated by Dan Buksa.


“The idea for this project basically came together out of thin air,” said Mario Candelaria. “I was shooting the s**t with the boys when an idea hit me, what if our country outlawed pizza? This one really stuck. We’re all from New York, and pizza is as much a way of life as breathing, so this felt like a great topic to hit.”


“Pizza is legit the greatest food in the world and what better way to pay tribute to the holy slices than with the greatest medium?” said Matt Summo. “Also, getting the chance to exorcise some demons on the page while getting the work with some of my best friends in comics is an absolute no-brainer for me”


“This is the book that got me out of a creative rut and started on my comics journey,” said James Ferguson. “The best way to make comics is to make comics and the best way to do that is with friends. And to do it about something as outlandish—and terrifying—as outlawed pizza? The possibilities are as endless as the amount of toppings you can think of.”

Where Tales from the Crypt meets Ice Cream Man (with pizza), Slice(s) of Life – A World Without Pizza is cooked Mar. 8th. Get in on this SUPREME action before it’s gone!

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