Skullcandy x Burton Push Active True Wireless Earbuds Review

Skullcandy x Burton Push Active True Wireless Earbuds are limited edition earbuds from Skullcandy in collaboration with Burton, the world’s leading snowboard brand. The limited; edition collaboration comes with a collection of three of Skullcandy’s fan-favourite headphones/earbuds. The wonderful people at Skullcandy sent us the “Skullcandy x Burton Push Active True Wireless Earbuds”, but the package also came with a little gift. They sent us a hiking flask (which was a great tie-in with the theme) with the Skullcandy logo on it, which we absolutely love and thank them very much. The flask comes in great use both in and outdoors. The Burton Push Active True wireless earbuds have been designed to capture a unique wild aesthetic into the wild with its pink and black cheetah print. The earbuds entice you to go out, are light, compact and aesthetically stunning and sell only at the price of; €89.99.

The packaging of these earbuds is captivating with the striking pop of bright pink colour, which is matched with a great black cheetah pattern, the; entire box is filled with the pattern and showcases the camouflaged earbud on the top. The box; includes the following items: The True Wireless Earbuds, a charging case, ear gels that come, in three different sizes (small, medium and large), USB-C charging cable, a user guide and warranty information. The extra ear gels make the earbuds more convenient for many people to use with different ear types, thus having a greater; range for customers.

As for the design of the Skullcandy x Burton Push Active True Wireless earbuds, the colours are vibrant; and prominent and create a great compliment. The case of the earbud; has a bright pink, purple, and orange cheetah print, with the bottom of the case being a dull sage green colour to reflect this sense of walking into the wilderness. What is lovely about this collaboration, in specific, is that it captures the wild and fun aspect and brings great; attention to snowboarding. The inspiration itself for the design for this collab is taken from Burton’s Rewind and Name Dropper board graphics which ties the collab perfectly. Instead of overpowering the pattern with this design, what we like is that each earbud is a different colour. The left earphone; has a sage green colour, whereas the right earphone is a pink cheetah print. An interesting choice of colour which seemed very randomly placed onto the charging case would be the blue cover over the charging port. This specifically was something we did not like about the design, but it is very minimal. The upper inside of the case is a dark purple colour, with; the bottom being a lighter shade of green. The overall design of the earbuds and charging case are complementary and not overpowered with colour, which sets for a well-balanced theme.

As for the earbuds themselves, we liked that the control buttons were put on the side of the earbud rather than it being touch sensitive at the front, which would get annoying when putting in or taking off the earbuds. The ear gels are soft, and; also the earbud has a good grip around the ear because of the ear hooks on it. The ear hooks are made, of hard rubber, which means they will not break over time and keep sturdy. The ear hooks, in addition to the earbuds, are a great; outdoor aspect, meaning that you do not need to worry about them falling when doing fast-paced activities.


This set weighs around 32g, which is very light, but the charging case is wider than most earbud cases making it bulky when put into pockets. Some of the other specifications for these earbuds are the following: The connection type is Bluetooth 5.2, impedance is 16 Ω±15, driver diameter is 6 mm, THD is <3%, sound pressure level is 95+/-3dB, 44 hours total battery, tile finding technology, skull-iq app, voice control, and lastly the frequency response is 20Hz – 20KHz. They are great for the outdoors because they come with IP55 sweat and water resistance. Another thing to add is the connectivity of the Bluetooth before it disconnects from a distance; of roughly 25 feet.

In our test for the battery life, each bud lasted up to 10 hours before needing a recharge. It takes around an hour to completely charge the case with the earbuds inside of it, which is indicated through the led dot bar at the front of the case. 4 filled white dots indicate a fully charged chase. The charging case provides an additional 24 hours, which gives a total battery life of up to 44 hours. The battery life for these earbuds is outstanding; at most times, you can go a week without recharging the earbuds. Bluetooth’s connection is very accessible when using a laptop, an Android phone and even an Apple iPad. A nice feature about the earbuds connecting to devices shows a battery bar and percentage to indicate the battery life of the earbuds.

The sound quality for these earbuds is very good, except they seem very similar to the Skullcandy Dime earbuds. These earbuds have a great distinction where there is total noise cancellation when wearing the earbuds. For the price you are paying for these earbuds, you can expect an immersive sound experience that can meet satisfactory standards. Now, of course, the way people hear sound can differ from one person to another. To test the sound quality, we used the earbuds while listening to an array of genres: including R&B, rap, instrumental and pop. 

The sound from the earbuds is of a clear quality where; you can hear every bass, instrument, beat and vocal with a crisp sound. With these earbuds, the sound has a great tone, and the musicality is fun. In all honesty, listening to music with these earbuds is good as the song comes out clear and for the price, you can not expect more. 


Something so unique about these earbuds is that there is voice control. Voice control for these earbuds works where you can say certain phrases from media player commands to call mode commands. To work the voice control, you need to download the Skullcandy App. The app can be downloaded both; on Android phones/tablets and Apple phones/ipads. There is a decent range of what you can say with the voice control, and the dialogues; are found in the manual. The voice control is very responsive and has no noticeable delay. Voice control remains on whilst; the Skullcandy app is running in the background and plays little *ping* noises to indicate it registered your voice command. This was most; probably our favourite and the best feature to come with the earbuds.

How the Skullcandy app functions are you; are brought to the homepage, where a message pops up with a connection request for the earbuds. There are three sections on the homepage with three distinct icons. A headphone icon (this is where you can control the earbuds connected), a Skullcandy logo (where you can learn more about Skullcandy) and lastly, a chat box icon (where you can contact Skullcandy with any help or warranty questions). Once the earbuds are connected, you can further go into the settings and adjust the way you hear the sound. The app comes with an equaliser where there are preset audio settings such as music mode, podcast mode, movie mode and custom mode. Each is adjusted to make the sound quality slightly better; when using it for its intended purpose. There is an adjustable slider for the volume, as well as a section that shows the battery for each earbud currently in use. You can also adjust the level of stay-awareness you want. This means you can keep it so that there is no noise cancellation in the earbud, so you can hear everything; on the outside. There are also other settings you can learn more about, such as button settings, taking a photo, sharing audio and more. We found the app to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. It is minimalist but allows you to customise the earbuds to your liking.

As well as listening to music, we also used the earbuds while gaming and found the sound to be equally as; pleasant and immersive. FPS games create a whole impact in your ear when playing them, which makes the sound travel well. Also, when it comes to watching movies/shows on Netflix or videos on youtube, the sound is extremely clear, and with the noise cancellation, it’s like you are placed; within a surround sound system. Personally, the sound quality for these earbuds is surprising; extremely effective, immersive and overall great. The features; too that come with the earbud have a lot of; availability, making it so you can easily access them in many ways.

We thought it would be fitting to compare another limited edition earbud that was made by; Skullcandy, the Take a Hike Dime 2 True Wireless Earbuds. So, let’s compare the Take a Hike Dime 2 True Wireless Earbuds that sell for €45 to the Skullcandy x Burton Push Active True Wireless Earbuds that sell for €89.


Now most of the specifications for the earbuds are very similar to one another, though; we found that the mic for the Burton Push earbuds was slightly better than the Take a Hike earbuds. When speaking through the Dime 2, there seems to be very little; a volume that comes across. We believe; because of the voice control feature on the Burton Push, there is much better clarity that gets picked up, which makes the mic less distorted when on call.

When comparing the sound quality between the Dime 2 earbuds and the Burton Push earbuds are; quite similar to one another, except the Burton Push has better sound isolation than the Dime 2. Also, certain volume levels on the Dime 2 makes the sound much more clear when at a lower volume, for instance. This is not an issue with the Burton Push as, at any volume level, the sound is clear and crisp. Keep in mind the Dime 2 earbuds do not have access to the Skullcandy app, nor; not have much sound customization. Overall the two; do have very similar sound qualities, and there is not a big difference between them. The earbuds for the Burton Push are more comfortable, and the ear hook allows more comfort as well, making; it seems like they are not even in your ear. 

The button control on the Dime 2 earbuds is a bit difficult to work with, which is not a problem for the Burton Push. The reason for this is because of how the earbuds are designed. The Dime 2 earbuds have a button on the front of the earbud, and they are a bit stiff when pressed down on them. For the Dime 2 earbuds, you pretty much have to hold down the earbud with your thumb to refrain from pushing the earbud straight into your ear. Whereas for the Burton Push, with the button being on the side, it makes it more accessible and less annoying to press on them. Personally speaking, we would prefer the Burton Push earbuds because of the design, features and sound quality.

There are a few things here and; there that could be taken into account for future reference. For instance, the charging case is a bit too big, which is something that was not entirely ideal to be able; to carry out, especially when put in the pocket, it would be bulging. The little cover on the battery port could be changed to a different colour just to tie into the cohesiveness of the design, as it seems out of place.


Another thing just; design-wise, that would be helpful is if there was a mesh bag or protective case to keep the case from getting scratched. Something that we liked about the Dime 2 earbuds was that they had a little key chain hook on the case, which; could be something to implement into the Burton Push earbud case. Lastly, we wish; that the charging lead was a lot longer than just the 2-inch one they give, as the case hangs from the wall whilst being charged, which is not ideal.

Lastly, an amazing feature of this earbud is that it can be used in mono mode, where you can easily use one earbud at a time, even; when switching them out, they automatically connect. The limited edition Skullcandy x Burton Push Active True Wireless Earbuds have unique features, a stunning and striking design, and immersive sound quality, which makes them truly, effortless and outstanding. These earbuds capture true inspiration from the collab, which tells its; own snowboarding story. Even if snowboarding does not resonate with; you, it still is a beauty to use. Extremely easy to use, and the battery life is exceptional. What more can you want from earbuds that sell only at the price of; €89.99! Make sure you go out and; buy yourself the Skullcandy x Burton Push Active True Wireless Earbuds. Nothing beats limited edition items, so hurry!

Overall: 9.5/10




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