Skaramazuzu – Release Trailer

Discover the Mystical World of Skaramazuzu: Released Today on Steam!

Iphigames proudly announces the official release of Skaramazuzu! Developed by our creative team, this unique, hand-crafted 2D adventure game introduces an enigmatic world full of mystery, strange characters and riddles. Prepare for a memorable experience that combines a classic narrative with modern gameplay elements!

The Path to Discovery

Skaramazuzu invites players to discover a mystical world, a place where dreams and shadows combine! Guided by the enigmatic Master, the protagonist Zuzu embarks on an emotionally intense quest to discover the meaning of their existence, meeting a mix of weird characters, each playing a crucial role in their unusual journey.

Every enigmatic twist brings them a step closer to the truth and every part of this strange landscape offers something new to discover!

Unique Design and Immersive Sound Effects

The game showcases over 20 interconnected locations and more than 20 outstanding characters, each brought to life with precision through traditional 2D animation. Enjoy easy-to-use 2D controls for a smooth experience and manage your inventory easily as you collect and use items throughout your adventure.

Every character and interactive element features special sound effects, including a unique system of voice emotes and expressions.

Launched on Steam

Skaramazuzu is now available on Steam! For the first 12 days, the game is offered at a reduced price of $8.49! Get ready to discover the secrets of Skaramazuzu and unlock the mysteries that lie within!

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