Silver Sprocket Presents: Viscera Objectica

A story of love between man and object from the creator of Be Kind, My Neighbor!
Viscera Objectica by Yugo Limbo

On sale 03/27/24

A humble tailor is very skilled at his work, but finds the complex patchwork of love painful to stitch together. One day, he visits a farmers market and is drawn to a beautiful puppet, whose vendor utters only: “His name is Theu.” Though the puppet is inanimate, the tailor inexplicably falls for Theu, day by day finding that patchwork of love no longer painful. 

Viscera Objectica explores the depth of feeling that develops between man and object, lover and loved.

Softcover | 72 pages | $14.99

“A poetic and wonderfully charming story that seeks to open hearts and minds to the beautiful multifariousness of the human experience with love.” – Jess Fink, Chester 5000 XYV

Meet the Author 
Yugo Limbo is a peculiar cheese of the LGBT variety. They are an animator, game developer, and comic artist best known for kitschy, surreal, and goofy art. Their work includes the graphic novel Be Kind, My Neighbor, as well as the cult hit indie game Smile For Me from their two-person game studio Limbolane. Their work is flavored with notes of ’60s psychedelia, ’70s European cartoons, and a pinch of folk horror—a pretty yummy stew, if you ask me!

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