Silver Sprocket Presents: The Chromatic Fantasy

The Chromatic Fantasy
By H.A.
On sale 10/18/23

Jules is a trans man trapped in his life as a nun. The devil that the convent guards against offers him a deal to escape: an illicit tryst and lifelong possession. Jules takes the deal, and begins his new life as a criminal who’s impervious to harm. He soon meets Casper, another trans man and a poetic thief, and together they steal, lie, and cheat their way through bewildering adventures, and develop feelings for each other along the way. But as Jules and Casper’s relationship deepens, so does the devil’s jealous grasp… 

A gorgeously drawn graphic novel reminiscent of stained glass and illuminated manuscripts, telling a story of queer transmasc romance, daring adventure, and (literally) fighting your demons.

Our most luxuriously printed book, with golden foil cover accents and gilded edges polished to a shine!

Softcover | 312 pages | $29.99
ISBN: 9798886200324

“A raw, phantasmagoric primal scream of a comic, rendered perfectly from the author’s heart straight onto paper. A truly, deeply cathartic experience to read as a trans person. I feel seen and heard, and that is so rare to experience. It’s candid, funny, heartbreaking, and heartwarming—all wrapped up in beautiful, vibrant, unique artwork. I cried, a lot, and you will too, probably. READ IT!” – Yugo Limbo, Be Kind, My Neighbor
Meet the Author 
H.A. is a cartoonist originally from New York State. His work is colorful, campy and surreal, and combines fantasy with mundanity. He focuses on writing fun stories about queer protagonists with an emphasis on trans men.

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