Silver Sprocket Presents: Adversary

By Blue Delliquanti
On sale 03/13/24

Minneapolis, 2021. Curtis is newly out, single, and ready to take his life in a different direction. Anton is an enigmatic young man who recognizes Curtis from their pre-pandemic lives. One casual drink leads to a charged relationship layered with unspeakable needs. A graphic novella about connection and failure, grief and responsibility, and the effect of world-changing events on the soul of the individual. 

2023 Ignatz Award Nominee for Outstanding Online Comic

Softcover | 80 pages | $15.99 979-8-88620-038-6

“Subtle, haunting, and deft storytelling that has stuck with me for weeks after finishing the book. Blue is a master craftsman at comics and you don’t want to miss this one; read it twice.” – Melanie Gillman, As the Crow Flies

Blue Delliquanti is a comic artist and writer based in Minneapolis. From 2012 to 2020 Blue drew and serialized the Prism Award-winning science fiction comic O Human Star at and have since worked on graphic novels including Across a Field of Starlight and Meal. They teach comics courses at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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