Silt Preview

Developer: Spiral Circus

Platform: Previewed on Steam 

Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Sold Out


I played the demo of Silt on Steam over the last week; or so, it’s an interesting indie game that is a healthy mix of intrigue and adventure. 

Silt has this beautiful film Noir feel to it. The use of primarily black and white colours gives the player a wonderful underwater world to explore. The lack of colours highlights the sense of mystery and discovery throughout. 


You assume the role of this diver in the depths of the sea; you must navigate an array of puzzles to proceed deeper into the endless sea.

Every level has its nuances to figure out; the game does encourage the player to discover puzzles and figure them out. You are given just the right amount of directions; the game lets you explore the puzzles and levels in your own time. The game uses a few buttons, so it’s straightforward to pick up and play. 

The diver can possess creatures and assume their powers; each creature you encounter has its unique abilities. Each creature has its unique ability that you will use to solve the puzzles. The dark nature of the game makes every creature standout this accented by the brilliant use of light in the game.


The demo gives the player enough of a taste to get a feel for the game. 

I loved the art style and the art direction of the game. The film noir feel does give the game a wonderfully dark and mysterious atmosphere. The game is beautiful; the use of light has such an impact and helps to break the black and white feel of the game. 

The game demo does deliver a rich and enjoyable experience. I’m a big fan of puzzles in games, where the emphasis is on exploration and discovery. This game does give a wonderful dark world for you to explore with some fantastic cinematics.

You can check out the demo, as it is available on Steam until Monday, February 28th.


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