Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra – Trailer

“Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra” – Nintendo Switch Release
Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra: A Musical Delight on Nintendo Switch!
Uncover the Shyest Musical Cats for a Purrfect Performance

[São Paulo, September 28th, 2023] — Get ready for a delightful and melodic experience as “Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra” prepares to make its debut on the Nintendo Switch on October 6th, 2023. This enchanting musical hidden-objects game invites players to discover the world of shy musician cats and coax them into joining the orchestra.

About Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra:
In “Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra,” players will immerse themselves in a delightful musical hidden object quest. These adorable and talented feline musicians have hidden away in various captivating locations, from icy landscapes to lush jungles, even venturing to otherworldly realms. Your mission? Seek them out, coax them to play, and unlock a harmonious symphony of sounds. With over 200 kittens to discover across ten vibrant and colorful levels, players will create their own musical masterpiece.

Turning Shy Cats into Musical Stars:
What makes “Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra” special is the joy of toggling different discovered cats (and their respective instruments) to play around with unique musical combinations. Mix and match to your heart’s content, creating whimsical tunes that will leave you tapping your toes and smiling ear to ear.

About Enchant Games:
Enchant Games, founded by Danton Freitas, is a studio dedicated to making music a central part of gameplay while incorporating cozy aesthetics, adorable visuals, and innovative game design. Their game “Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra” exemplifies their commitment, by redefining the hidden object genre with a unique twist, following the studio’s creative vision.

About Mens Sana Interactive:
The Nintendo Switch port of “Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra” was crafted by Mens Sana Interactive, marking their second collaboration to bring a developer’s vision to Nintendo’s platform. Mens Sana Interactive, known for their focus on games that promote well-being and personal growth, started porting and publishing their own games on Nintendo Switch this year. The studio’s name is derived from the Latin expression “Mens sana in corpore sano” (“A healthy mind in a healthy body”), embodying their commitment to keeping minds engaged and healthy while providing entertainment and relaxation through their games.

About Nintendo Switch Release:
“Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra” will be available for download on Nintendo eShops in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong on October 6th, 2023.

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