Shockbyte Blasts Into Orbit

Game-Changing New Platform Revealed for Faster, Simpler and Secure Server Hosting
One of the largest game server providers for Minecraft and Palworld introduces revolutionary new platform to streamline hosting

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – March 20, 2024 – Shockbyte, the trailblazing service for video game server hosting of all your favourite titles, is blasting off to new frontiers with the upcoming release of the new Shockbyte Game Server Control Panel, a revolutionary new platform that aims to provide secure server hosting faster and easier than ever before.

The new Shockbyte Control Panel is 185% faster on average than the previous panel, reducing page load times to just 150ms and providing a direct connection to your server for live, instant server information.

Players will be able to set up and control servers for their favourite games faster and easier than ever before, with superfast server activation and a streamlined, minimal-click backend for installing game mods, managing server files, inviting friends to co-host or transferring server regions.

Plus, with the introduction of the new Instances feature, players will be able to easily switch between different versions or game modes within the same server, letting them quickly jump between pre-configured game types at any moment.

Additional functionality includes advanced port management, database management, remote console commands, one-click commands, day/night mode, and so much more.

“Our ambition for the new Shockbyte Control Panel is to create the fastest, simplest and most secure server hosting tool ever made,” said Mitch Smith, Managing Director at Shockbyte. “The number of clicks, speed, customisation and control over your server has been streamlined to make the Shockbyte Control Panel an accessible tool for veteran server hosts and newcomers to hosting alike. We’re delighted to invite users to check out our beta to see for themselves how this will change the game for server hosting.”

The Shockbyte Control Panel is available now in Open Beta, allowing invited Shockbyte users to check out all the new features of the platform for FREE prior to its official launch.

Shockbyte is a leading player-owned game server hosting provider, and one of the world’s longest-running Minecraft server hosting providers, with approximately 28 million Minecraft players having played on Shockbyte servers. For more information on Shockbyte and to discover how you can get started with hosting a private game server for your friends and family in your favourite online games, visit

About Shockbyte
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Shockbyte is a leading player-owned game server hosting provider since 2013. Shockbyte offers premium services at unbeatable prices. Founded in March 2013, we’re among the longest-running Minecraft server hosting providers. Our team, consisting of passionate gamers and experienced developers, has years of experience in the game server hosting industry. We’re committed to delivering an exceptional user experience by leveraging top-tier hardware and maintaining a 24/7 global support team.

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