Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #10 Review

Written By: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo

Artist: Maria Sanapo

Colorist: Ceci De La Cruz

Lettering By: Thomas Napolitano

Cover by: Maria Sanapo

Published By: Dynamite Comics




Sheena #10 is the first Sheena book I’ve read and probably my last.

The cover to Sheena #10 is great, it’s really beautiful, I wish the art inside was more like it. Don’t get me wrong the art inside is great it’s just the colors are too bright almost, if that makes any sense to you, the cover is toned down and more subtle, just my taste not knocking this book for that. But I will knock it for how it’s written, it’s in a strange position for who they rate the book for TEEN+. It seems to be TEEN+ for the scantily clad women in the comic but it reads like an 8-year-old’s cartoon series, so it feels out of place.


In this issue, Sheena and her friends have to fend off greedy bad guys who have brought chaos to their doorstep, to their jungle. Sheena is after all the acting guardian and protector of the Amazon rainforest, trying to keep a balance in check from outside forces encroaching. Sheena and her friends have to fight a cool looking cyclops creature, that might be the highlight for me story wise but that’s about all.


I was definitely expecting a stronger, more mature subject matter but for a character that is a sexy jungle woman you need to either have her covered up more and go kid friendly or go more mature and have mature storylines. This, like I said went two directions instead of one in my mind. So I wasn’t a fan, I could see this title being awesome if it went full mature audience and was a “jungle war” comic book with a badass jungle, warrior woman. It gets points for good art for sure and a great cover that would make me want to buy it, but a very disappointing story.

Overall: 4/10


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