She Could Fly #2 Review

Writer: Christopher Cantwell

Artist: Martin Morazzo 

Colors: Miroslav Mrva

Lettering: Clem Robins

Cover: Martin Morazzo

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics/Berger Books




An impactful cover starts off the second issue of this hauntingly impressive story, promising depth and insight in all of the following pages. She Could Fly delivers and then some, improbably surpassing the first issue with its meaningful plot development, relatable and wholly unique characters, and charming, complementary art.

If the first thoughtful issue affected me in a way few comics ever have, this next one has electrified me with it’s sheer brilliance and power. I am entirely piqued, thoroughly invested, and absolutely humbled by my experience with these books, and there have only been two of them so far! I don’t want to gush for 300 plus words, but I don’t really know how else to express my appreciation. Thank you, creators.


Alright, so on to the specifics. The pacing of the plot is spot on. There was never a time it seemed to be going too fast or slow for me, and there was a lot going on in this issue. The dialogue and captions were effective and very telling of the characters and situations. I was especially delighted for the bits of odd humor found here and there in an otherwise sobering tale. Christopher Cantwell has created a work of art he can be truly proud of, and it is one that is much needed in this industry, and in modern entertainment in general.


Speaking of art, the more I see of Morazzo’s lines, the more taken I am by the style. While not the most gorgeously aesthetic, there is a true beauty to be found in the art. The expressive characters are portrayed perfectly in their small powerful moments and in their larger powerful ones. Where many comic artists fail to nail down varying angles and poses of their characters, Morazzo excels. I’m never confused about who I am watching or supposed to be watching in each panel, nor do I not recognize anyone from one depiction to another.

A spectacular mystery, replete with realism, She Could Fly is the perfect mix of strong storytelling and absorbing art. It’s an extraordinary experience and lucky for us (or unlucky, depending), it’s only half done.

Overall: 10/10


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