Shadow of the Colossus Review

Developer: Bluepoint Games

Platform:PlayStation 4

Genre: Action-adventure

Published by: Sony Interactive Entertainment


The Shadow of the Colossus is a remake of a PS2 game, this is a truly a magnificent upgrade from the original and a remake that is well worth experiencing. Obviously, there is a striking visual upgrade that displays the graphical power of the PS4. The sound, level design, voice acting and open world give a real grand sense to the game. This open world game is then inhabited by just huge monsters or colossi. Shadow of the Colossus is a gaming experience of beauty, fun, great game play and a really simplistic but addictive gaming model.


Shadow of the Colossus gives away very little terms of story or plot apart from that lead character wants to resurrect his love from the dead and that’s pretty much it. This novel approach to storytelling in games should be adopted by more games. His motivation and desire to resurrect here isn’t explored and he just does as he is told. You willing play this role. It’s nice to have a game that understands that while a story can complement and enhance a game, a game is nothing without solid gameplay and a fun factor. This game displays both in abundance which lead to high levels of joy.


At the heart of a real simple story at the surface and not much detail is an intriguing and beautifully designed gaming experience. One that keeps drawing you back in and one you don’t want to put down. I loved mysterious story aspect that maintains an air of uncertainty about throughout. This also means that you pretty much start playing the game after the main introduction and before you know it, you encounter your first Colossus. This game really brings gaming back to basics,a real focus on the gameplay. It strips the gameplay to just what is required and even though seems simple, designing a game to play fluidly requires much skill. Int this open world. you will only encounter huge bosses for the entirety of the game which is real departure for open world games. The open world is a huge expanse that you can explore on your horse. I found the controls for the horse to be a bit clunky and unresponsive but all the other controls were smooth and solid. Game design doesn’t focus on the interaction of bit part characters in a huge narrative. It just focuses you killing bosses (colossi), it’s really that simple but amazingly great fun.


The colossi or huge bosses, are these towering characters who take up your whole screen and make your character seem even smaller than he is. A few simple game mechanics are only needed to beat each boss and to navigate through the world. Again, more simplicity leads to a richer more fun experience. The game designers have the mantra of making something enjoyable, fun and challenging. They completed this remit amazingly well and delivered a well rounded and exciting game. I thought the game was a joy to play and feast for the eyes. Pure awesome fun.


Visually stunning
Simple but masterful game plan
Amazing detail
Stunning bosses
Engrossing gameplay

Overall: 9 / 10


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