Second Order announces Claybook

Second Order announces Claybook

Second Order announced today their first game, titled Claybook. In the game, you step into the shoes of brave kids who bring the Claybook to life. Each chapter of the book challenges you with unique obstacles and puzzles. You possess clay blobs and morph them to different shapes in order to overcome tricky situations. Each shape has its own strengths and weaknesses – some even have special powers.

Claybook is a unique physics driven game. Everything acts like it would be made out of real clay. Every inch of the environment can be shaped and molded. Everything has matter inside it, not just an outer shell. Clay can be deformed, destroyed, melted to fluid and frozen back to solid.

Invite friends to play in local multiplayer. While you are at it, why don’t you build new chapters together.

Claybook 2

“We are really excited to finally reveal the Claybook. We feel that the game represents us well as developers, unique technology that offers completely new gameplay that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. A fully evolving playfield and the clay setting fit together perfectly. We were able to lock the clay theme early in development. It became the design backbone for all of our decisions. We are small studio of three developers. So far, we have just scratched the surface of what is possible in our clay themed world. We would like to start building a community and invite people to share ideas with us.”, says Sami Saarinen, the creative force behind Claybook.

“It’s been one and half years since we started developing our unique clay simulation and rendering technology. We call our technology Clayfield, because that’s what the technology delivers – a playfield made out of clay. Clayfield is using the GPU to simulate and shape the volumetric clay environment and characters. The result is a digital world that feels like real clay.”, says Sebastian Aaltonen, the creative force behind Clayfield. Clayfield technology has been built on top of the Unreal Engine 4. Claybook is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.





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