Season: A Letter to the Future Review

Developer: Scavengers Studio

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), PS4, PS5

Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Scavengers Studio


Season: A Letter to the Future is a third-person adventure story-driven game. This game is developed and published by Scavengers Studio. It is hard to say what game is similar to Season: A Letter to the Future as the game is very, unique and special from many other games I have played before.

This game is a single-player game. You play as a young woman who explores an undisturbed, astonishing village. With your camera, recorder, and journal, you go on an adventure; around this village to collect memories, meet new people and ride your bike.

When starting the game, it is recommended to play with a controller, but you can still play with a keyboard and mouse if preferred. First off, there are no complications with the controls as every control is highlighted or written on the screen when needed to use. For the keyboard and mouse, I found that it is a bit everywhere, meaning your fingers move from one to another, which can slightly disrupt the experience. I found it a bit different to get used to the control when journaling, specifically on the keyboard. When playing with the controller, the controls run smoothly, and in some way, it enhances the experience of the game. Both ways to play are efficient and do not cause much of a fuss. With the ease of the game, using the controller truly is preferred. Overall the controls are very well for what needs to; be done.


The art style of this game captures true beauty. In some sense, it reminds me of a similar art style to the movie called Entergalactic. The game has an essence, the essence that captures an alluring, vibrant, calm atmosphere. This world that is created; in the game is made so effortlessly that while riding on the bike, you can find yourself going on forever on end just admiring the scenery that this game has. The art style with the mechanic of being able to use your camera to take pictures creates more of a charm. I would say that when playing this game, there is great admiration for the visual art of this game. In addition to that, there is also a similarity to a comic book. Especially with text bubbles between characters, there is a definite familiarity with a comic book art style. 

The soundtrack choice of this game is very graceful and creates a calming, relaxing atmosphere. Personally, what I like about this game is that some mechanics complement the great aspects of this game. For instance, with the soundtrack of this game, you have a mechanic where you can record audio of certain sounds to capture the moment. I think that’s something that adds much more value to the sound effects and soundtrack of this game, as it highlights the variety of sounds that you hear on this adventure. While adventuring, there is this elegant natural sound that plays throughout your journey, which creates such a lovely vibe to the game. In addition to the music and sound effects, there is also a lot of; voice acting; that happens. As the story is being told or through character-to-character interaction/cut scenes. The voice acting is soothing; from all the various characters, each is different from the other, which creates a sense of community and meeting new people. A hundred percent would say that the soundtrack and art style complement one another.


The story of this game is unlike any other story in most other games I have played. It stands out in a way. When I first started playing this game, I was; a bit confused about what was happening. I do not want to give away any spoilers, but the game has sentimental value; to it.

You embark on this journey where you collect memories and recordings of everything in your surrounding and this village. You document your journey, and the storytelling for this game is done so beautifully. There’s a story with everything you interact with, which is something I like because everything in this game has meaning; to it. Little objects, different paintings or audio all tell a story. 


I enjoyed playing this game so much as it was something that had a meditative and relaxing mindset to it. Being able to sit back on your chair while watching through the outstanding, high-graphic cutscenes, these scenes of interactions between characters you have met previously are so wonderful to delve into. On top of that, personally, the point of lingering and exploring this game can make the game last longer than without lingering; and even if you’re someone who doesn’t like to linger in a game; this game will do that. The opportunity to take pictures of anything you encounter is; so realistic putting yourself in the position of a journalist. Something I loved even more about this game is the journal itself because you have the freedom; to decorate, design and organise your journal however you like. As you post more to your journal, you unlock more quotes; and decorations to make this journal of yours look even more beautiful. In addition to that, what I like is that there are some putting-together pieces where you have to go, take pictures and recordings of certain things and unlock this memory or complete this dedicated page in the journal. 

This game truly does revolve; around you and your creative field, but it also captures the beauty of exploring a village for its true beauty. I loved the atmosphere of this game; the change in weather, especially when it was raining, felt so real. Everything felt heightened in this game, and I find that so special about this game. As said earlier about the story, this is a story where you do want to reach the end of it.


If you want a game, you can sit back and enjoy exploring a beautiful village with your camera, recorder and journal. If you can ride through scenic lands and admire; the beauty of this game that is held within its visual and storytelling aspects, then this is the game for you. Be sure to check out; Season: A Letter to the Future, which is available for PlayStation 4, 5 and PC.

Overall: 9/10


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