Seablip is Coming to Early Access on May 17th

Exploration, Intrigue, Battles and Revenge Await on the High Seas! Open World Pirate RPG Seablip is Coming to Early Access for PC, Mac and Linux on May 17th
Manage your crew, discover islands and fight enemy pirates to avenge your grandfather in 8-bit glory

Tønsberg, Norway, 2nd May, 2024 – Solo developer Jardar Solli is proud to announce today that the much-awaited Early Access launch of Seablip for PC, Mac and Linux will release on May 17th, as flags are raised for Constitution Day, the national day of Norway. The upcoming open world pirate adventure is slated for full launch in 2025, but soon players can start exploring, building, looting, fishing and much more! Wishlist Seablip on Steam now and download the Seablip soundtrack from Christian Balvig, now available here.

Roam the high seas in a vibrant open world containing a series of islands to discover and enemies to defeat. Drawing inspiration from titles such as Faster Than Light and Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Seablip offers the freedom to explore, build and even fish! Upgrade your ship with extra cannons and inventory space, hire a new crew to aid you in your adventures and gather resources from a range of sources – chopping trees, mining minerals and watering crops as you make use of the tools at your disposal. Engage in a plethora of minigames and activities as you progress, building bases and making use of your trusty fishing rod. Find gold from treasure or earn it by selling your wares, or even take bounties found around the world and enhance your pirate reputation as you get paid.

Following successful funding of the game through Kickstarter and a well received demo released during the Steam Next Fest, solo developer Jardar Solli looks to release Seablip into early access this year, while he perfects the many mechanics present in the title and adds new features to what is already a highly ambitious RPG.

Embark on your pirate adventure and discover an ominous mystery when Seablip releases into Early Access!

About Jardar Solli
Following 5 years (more than 10,000 hours) of development on Seablip, including a successful Kickstarter campaign that launched in 2020, self taught coder and solo developer Jardar Solli is edging closer to living his dream in releasing his first title. Seablip will launch on Early Access in 2024, aiming for a full launch in 2025.

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