Sea of Thieves Final Beta Begins on March 9th



LONDON – March 9th, 2018: As March 20th quickly approaches, Rare opens the shared world of “Sea of Thieves” to all players with the “Sea of Thieves” Final Beta, which serves as the culmination of Rare’s Technical Alpha, Closed Beta, and Scale Test efforts.

The “Sea of Thieves” Final Beta is available now and will run until 10 a.m. GMT on Sunday, March 11th, allowing any interested players to jump into Rare’s pirate adventure this weekend. In addition to the Gold Hoarders quests available in the Closed Beta, Rare has enabled Merchant Alliance voyages for the first time, giving players an entirely new way to play. In addition, pirates have the chance to come across occupied Skeleton Forts – enabling new and intense emergent gameplay opportunities.


This is Rare’s biggest test yet, and the team is excited to see how many players turn up. To ensure a quality experience for everyone that is already in and playing, we expect temporary holds on other players joining active sessions whilst the team manages overall player load. In the event of player bottlenecks, Rare will be sharing the latest news and status via the status page on, as well as regular updates on Twitter from the official @SeaOfThieves handle.

Like the Closed Beta, the Final Beta will not be covered by an NDA, so players can stream, create videos, share clips, take screenshots or do anything else that their wonderful minds can come up with.

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