Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque Reunite for Duck and Cover

Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque Reunite for Duck and Cover

Stout Club Entertainment Comic Book Series With a Historical Twist

Issue #1 Available Digitally from Comixology Originals July 11, 2023


July 6, 2023–New York, NY– Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque — the creative team behind the New York Times bestselling American Vampire — reunite for Duck and Cover, a post-apocalyptic adventure series with a historical twist.

With colors by Marcelo Maiolo and letters by Bernardo Brice, Duck and Cover #1 will be available July 11th from Amazon’s Comixology Originals exclusive digital content line, in conjunction with Best Jackett Press and Stout Club Entertainment.

Duck and Cover is a character driven thrill-ride that blends elements of manga, 1950’s Americana, and post-apocalyptic lore to create something truly unique,” says Snyder.

For generations, the threat of nuclear attack was always in the corner of their minds. Millions of elementary school students and teens were taught that “the flash means act fast. Duck and cover!” But what happens AFTER the blast?

The year is 1955, and teenager Del Reeves dreams of ditching town life for a life in movies beyond projecting them at the local drive-in. But when Cold War nightmares become a reality, Del discovers that the film genres he’d grown up watching are more real than he could have ever imagined. When a sudden nuclear exchange obliterates the U.S., only the children who hid under their school desks are spared. These teens now find themselves the lone survivors in a strange and wild new ’50’s America.

“Scott and I had so much fun following the decades of American culture and history through American Vampire, I’m thrilled to revisit the ‘50s in a whole new way,” says Albuquerque.

Duck and Cover is an all-new look at the “good ol’ days.”


Look for Snyder’s previous Comixology Originals works, including We Have Demons, Clear, Night of the Ghoul and the Eisner Award-nominated series Barnstormers, now available in print from Dark Horse Books, and Canary, Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine, and Book of Evil, available digitally from Comixology. And coming later this year, By a Thread co-written with his teenage son, Jack.


About the Creators:

Scott Snyder is a New York Times bestselling author and one of comics’ bestselling writers. He is the recipient of two Eisner Awards, a Harvey Award, an Eagle Award, three Stan Lee Awards, and an Inkpot Award. His comic series Barnstormers with Tula Lotay is nominated for the 2023 Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic.

Snyder is best known for writing Batman including seminal runs on Detective Comics (with artist Jock) and Batman (with frequent collaborator Greg Capullo). He’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in comics, including Jim Lee (on Superman), Yanick Paquette (on Swamp Thing), Jim Cheung (on Justice League), and Capullo (on Dark Nights: Metal), and has co-created some of the most successful creator-owned comics with Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire), Jock (Wytches, Book of Evil), Jeff Lemire (A.D.), Charles Soule (Undiscovered Country), Tula Lotay (Barnstormers), Dan Panosian (Canary), Jamal Igle (Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine) and more.

In March 2021, Snyder launched his Best Jackett Press label with Nocterra, a creator-owned series with acclaimed artist Tony S. Daniel.

Snyder has taught writing at Sarah Lawrence College, NYU, and Columbia University, and was a mentor for the DC Writer’s Workshop. You can find his Comic Writing 101 class on Substack. He lives on Long Island with his wife and three sons.


Rafael Albuquerque

Rafael Albuquerque was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He has been working in the American comic book industry since 2005. Best known from his work on All Star Batman, Animal Man, and Batgirl, he has also published the creator-owned books Mondo Urbano (2010), Eight (2015), and Huck (2015).

Rafael is an Eisner, Harvey and Inkpot Award winner for the NY Times Bestseller American Vampire (DC Comics/Vertigo, 2010), written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King. His upcoming projects include the adaptation of the popular Neil Gaiman’s tale A Study in Emerald, and Mark Millar’s Hit-Girl.


About Comixology Originals:

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