Saviorless – Out Now

Cuba’s first indie game is a dark fantasy adventure that finally sees the light of day after a long and difficult development process.

Montpellier, April 02, 2024

Publisher Dear Villagers and Cuban indie game developer, Empty Head Games are excited to announce that their dark fantasy game, Saviorless, is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

Boasting beautiful hand-drawn artwork, the world of Saviorless invites players to unravel the mystery of the Smiling Islands while fighting nightmarish monsters and solving puzzles. Following the journey of Antar, The Savior, and Nento, players will piece together a broken narrative through a unique storytelling approach while exploring the atmospheric world of Saviorless.

“We’ve poured every ounce of effort we’ve had in this game over the eight or so years and believe we have something truly special with Saviorless. With the amazing help and dedication from the rest of Empty Head Games and Dear Villagers, we’re finally at the most exciting part of this crazy but amazing journey. We hope fans will enjoy playing the story of the three protagonists as much as we enjoyed creating it!” – said Josuhe H. Pagliery, Game Designer at Empty Head Games.

Saviorless available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5.

Saviorless achieved a significant milestone as Cuba’s first-ever independent video game to collaborate with an international publisher, gaining global visibility across consoles and online platforms. Despite initial success and support, the team faced setbacks due to political tensions, budget constraints, game name trademark conflict, and the loss of a key member. However, with the help of a publisher and the dedication of the team, they persevered through technical difficulties and delays to release a visually stunning game that exceeded their expectations.

 Saviorless on Steam: 

About Empty Head Games

Empty Head Games is an independent video game developer formed by Josuhe Pagliery and David Darias from Havana, Cuba. They are known for their upcoming dark fantasy 2D platformer game called Saviorless, which is the first-ever independent video game from Cuba to collaborate with an international publisher.

About Dear Villagers

Based in sunny Montpellier in the south of France, Dear Villagers is a publishing label comprised of a team of around twenty people. Offering tailor-made marketing and production support, their mission is to tell memorable stories through memorable games, prioritizing people over pixels.

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