Save the Light Launching on October 31st

Save the Light Launching on October 31st

Cartoon Network has announced that Save the Light, the colorful RPG set in the world of the fan-favorite series Steven Universe, will launch Oct. 31 on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system in North America and Latin America* and Nov. 3 on Xbox One globally.

Save the Light will be available to preorder digitally for Xbox One through the Xbox Games Store beginning Oct. 23 for $24.99.

The sequel to the hit mobile RPG Attack the Light, Save the Light features an original storyline created in partnership with Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar. Discover fresh and familiar characters and enemies while exploring a variety of vast locations from the series – including Beach City, Strawberry Battlefields, the Great North and more – on an epic quest to protect the world from a mysterious new threat.

Assemble a party from eight unique playable heroes – including newcomers Connie, Lapis, Peridot and Greg Universe – and level them up over time with new abilities and craftable gear. Face off against foes and bosses in active turn-based battles, unleashing powerful team attacks and character-combining fusions like Stevonnie (Steven and Connie), Opal (Amethyst and Pearl) and Sardonyx (Garnet and Pearl).

Save the Light 4


Developed by Grumpyface, new scenes released today of Save the Light showcase two additional fusion team-ups with the addition of Smokey Quartz (Steven and Amethyst) and Sugilite (Garnet and Amethyst), as well as the promise of a robust upgrade system for each character and a peak at an all-new environment within Bismuth’s Forge.

*Release date on PlayStation 4 outside of North America and Latin America will be announced in the near future.






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