Sanctua – Reveal Trailer

 Sanctua’s First Trailer Unwrapped: A Thrilling Asymmetrical Co-op Party Game Set in a Cursed Egyptian Tomb! 

The tomb’s curse is spreading. Will you collaborate with your fellow explorers to escape with your sanity intact, or will you turn against your friends and bury their trust?

22 MAY 2024 – Dive into the depths of an ancient tomb with Sanctua, the latest creation from French solodeveloper Jason Nicot (Choose Red). This asymmetric co-op party game challenges players to either survive the deadly perils of a procedurally generated tomb or embrace the role of the sinister force that stalks their every move.

Built in Unreal Engine 5, Sanctua captivates with its visual splendor and detailed environments. Unlike other communication-based party games, it features a top-down camera that offers a clear overview of the surroundings—if you have enough torches to light your way, that is! Despite its mature setting, the game is light on graphic violence, making it suitable for everyone.

The Steam page is live as of today and the game is set to release in the first half of 2025, with a first closed playtest coming later this year, so make sure to wishlist it if you want to stay posted on updates!

But first, help us lift the lid off the coffin with the very first glimpse of the game in this gripping reveal trailer.

About the game

Sanctua is a thrilling co-op party game set in a cursed tomb. Players must work together and communicate with each other to survive the deadly traps, cursed wildlife, and above all: evade the ancient guardian that stalks the ever-shifting ruins!

Survival won’t be easy, because one of the players becomes corrupted and takes on the form of the evil entity seeking the demise of the frightened explorers. No two games will ever be the same!

Key Features

Explore an ancient tomb – Find a way out, discover the mysteries of this lost sanctuary, gather clues and unlock the main gate before the corruption seals you all within its terrifying confines. Sanctua offers a new experience in each game, with a randomly generated tomb layout, random gadgets and mechanisms.

Asymmetrical Co-op – Play as one of the explorers looking for the exit or as the evil that tracks them down. Which role would you prefer to play as?

Communication is key – Talk to each other over ingame voice chat to share discovered knowledge and work together to outsmart the monster! Discover gadgets, and clues about how to use them effectively. Avoid traps, and noisy wildlife triggers. But stay silent, or the Ancient evil will hear you.

Death is not the end – Corruption is everywhere, and certain conditions can turn your body into a lifeless creature that can decide which side to help.

Conceal your curse, or not? – Should you play as the ancient, then the corruption is now your life source, and your obsession to protect your sacred chamber knows no bounds. Keep your corruption level in check to avoid fainting. Track, trap, and hunt down the explorers to neutralize or convert them.

About Choose Red

Choose Red is an Indie game studio based in La Rochelle, France founded by solo-developer Jason Nicot. Producing games with a soul and player respect are the core values at the heart of the studio.

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